Tall Case Clocks 64-770
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64.            $1300

Elmer O.  Stennes, Weymouth, Mass., “GM1” grandmother tall case clock with 8-day Westminster chime spring driven movement by Smiths, England in Roxbury style mahogany inlaid case.  It has reeded quarter columns and a fretted hood, ca 1968.  This model has sold around $3000 since it was first introduced by Stennes in the 1960’s.  It has a key locking door, with key, excellent brass finials, painted metal dial, long pendulum, and the clean and running 8-day movement.  The excellent mahogany case is about 60 inches tall.  $1500-$2500.



87.            $850

Seth Thomas Chime Clock with a 4 bell Sonora Chime movement, ca 1913.  This movement is quarter hour chiming, playing the Westminster chimes.  After playing the Westminster chimes three hammers strike the hours making a very pleasant sound.  Much more pleasant than the 5 bell Sonora that only hits one bell on the hours.  The plain mahogany case is 81 inches tall, with a full latching door, a removable partition on top to access the two movements.  The 8-day movement is running and chiming as it should.  Experience tells me that you may have to adjust the four bell hammers after you transport the clock.  That is easy since the top comes off.  There are only 4 models of the Sonora Chime floor clocks pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas, #364, #1354, #1391, and #1392.  Most clock collectors have never seen a floor clock with a Sonora Chime movement.  This is a clean, polished, all original, Seth Thomas clock.  Surprisingly it seems to appeal to the female collectors.  It is probably the nice pleasing chime sound.  $1000-$1500.


685.           $300

American tall case, ca 1820, plus or minus. We will call it a “project” clock because it does not have a movement, pendulum, dial, or weights. The 97-inch-high mahogany case is very nice, clean and polished, and has a good finish. There are some wood splits, perhaps the most noticeable is just below the bonnet door. The broken arch top bonnet slides off the case. The bonnet and middle section both have doors, with metal knobs. There are three finials on top. There are no side doors or glasses, just solid wood sides. A correct movement would probably be wood, with chain or cord pull up tin can type weights. The case is a nice size for modern 8 foot ceilings but you would have to remove the middle finial or shorten it. Thirty-hour wood movements are not difficult to find. We have sold some in past auctions. $500-$1000.


tallcase003004.jpg tallcase003003.jpg

770.           $50

Ridgeway floor clock, made in Germany, ca 1970’s. The 8-day movement is running and signed “Gravely Furn. Co. / Made In Germany”. It strikes Westminster chimes, is running, and has a strike-silent lever. The plain case is light walnut, and there are no frills or extras except the finial. The two doors catch with a magnet and the back over the movement is removable. That is a nice extra. The pendulum and pendulum rod are brass. The dial is very attractive with cast brass spandrels on the corners, a silver dial ring, and silver globe above the dial. $100-$200.

tallcase003002.jpg tallcase003001.jpg

259.            $500

American 8-day tall case clock ca 1791-1809.  The clock is attributed to Major Timothy Chandler of Concord, Conn. The mahogany case is 92 inches tall, 3 finials on top, and 2 key locking doors.  The case appears to be all original but the 3 finials need new to be glued or screwed to the bonnet.  The painted iron dial is in good original condition, has no name on the dial or movement and the three hands are original.  The 8-day brass movement will need to be restrung and serviced before hanging the pair of heavy iron weights.  It has the correct pendulum and iron bell on top.  The movement is attached to the original seatboard.  $750-$1500.