Late Victorian Shelf Clocks 66-216
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66.            $800

Wm.  L.  Gilbert Clock Co. a top of the line mantel clock, the “Psyche”, ca 1885.  I have never seen this model.  It is superb, a clean 24. 5” high walnut case, clean and rubbed, (polished).  This one is more than a mantel clock, it is a parlor clock, a cut above most all mantel clocks, one you will be proud to display.  It has several carvings, six turned finials, grooved designs, and some very special applied wood ornaments. There is a wonderful old glass in the door, a George B.  Owen style barrel pendulum, and I would suspect that Owen designed the case.  It has the original dial, some touchup to a few chipped places.  Good nickeled bell, brass dial rings, and an 8-day signed movement that is running and striking the bell.  I sold this clock previously, in 2010 for $1930.  Ly-Gilbert #1022.  $1000-$1500.


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82.            $500

Welch, Spring & Co. mantel clock, “Lucca V. P., ca 1885. Polished rosewood case is 24 inches high, dark but clean and polished.  All the finials look to be original.  I just noticed I did not center them very well for the picture.  It has a great original finial that only shows on one clock in the books.  The three glasses are all original, a complete black label inside on the bottom, and a nickel bell.  The two-piece dial is original as are the brass dial rings and two piece painted dial.  It also has the unique 8-day time and strike movement. Ly-Welch, pages 417-419.  $600-$900.



106.           $500

Welch, Spring & Co. “Patti No. 1”, ca 1880.  The complete black and gold label on the back identifies this clock as the “Patti V. P.” The polished rosewood case is 18. 5” high, complete with all the correct finials and the ornate turned columns on all four corners, it has the original finish that looks very nice but it does have some accumulation of smoke in places.  Great glass in the door with the gold designs around the edge, correct pendulum bob, black flocking on the backboard, replaced paper dial and has the correct hands.  Three good glasses, nickel bell, and the famous “Patti” 8-day movement that strikes hours on the bell.  I would not call it a cream puff, but it is very nice but does have the usual tiny edge nicks.  Ly-Welch, page 352-353.  $750-$1000.



107.           $500

Welch, Spring & Co. “Gerster V. P.”, ca 1880.  The V. P.  refers to the visible pendulum.  8-day, time and strike shelf clock with the “Patti” style movement.  The 18 ½ inch high rosewood and rosewood veneered case is near perfect, has the original finish, complete original gold designs on the door, and is completely originally in all ways.  It has a black dial, original hands and pendulum.  There is a good label on the back of the case.  The clock has three original glasses, nickel bell, and brass dial rings.  The door has a knob latch in front.  Ly-Welch, pages 352-353.  $600-$900.



213.            $150

Wm.  L.  Gilbert Clock Co., an early shelf clock in a very unusual and large case, named simply, “Mantel Weight”, ca 1885.  The walnut case is 35 inches tall, complete, and all original including the very breakable urn finial on the top.  Black paint highlights parts of the case on the sides and the finials on top.  It has a mint and original large painted glass, large pendulum, pair of iron weights, and a one day brass movement that is running and striking a coil gong.  The clock also has an alarm movement and it strikes on a bell.  There has never been a label inside or on the back.  The inside backboard is covered with black paper covered with swirl designs.  I have only sold one other of this model, have seen on the two, so I know it is very rare.  I challenge you to find a nicer one, except for the old paper dial that is aged, but all there.  Ly-Gilbert #1026.  $200-$350.



216.                   $350   

Wm.  L.  Gilbert Clock Co. mantel clock, ca 1880.  This is one of their high-end mantel clocks, with ornaments and special effects all over the case and a ladies bust on top, and some intricately carved pieces all over.  The 25-inch case is made of black walnut, has burl walnut sections on the sides and base.  This clock has a wonderful finish, and is clean and polished. The case has a new paper dial, good bezel, a special nickel barrel pendulum, and a signed 8-day movement.  All the accessories are nickeled.  I would call the clock mint if not for the new paper dial.  $350-$500.