Late Victorian Shelf Clocks 367-663
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367.     $175

E. N. Welch “Grecian”, ca 1880.  Of course, the popular Grecian model is associated with Ingraham, but Welch got in the act with this rare model.  Note the carved piece that spans the door below the dial and distinguishes this model from the Ingraham clocks.  The clock stands 14.5 inches high and 11.25 inches wide.  Welch mixed veneers and woods on this model, using rosewood and possibly walnut veneers and maple trim.  The carving is stained darkly and the bezel is grain-painted; the dial glass is original.  The dial pan is original with numerous signatures and repairs noted on the back; the front is the original paint, touched up professionally where the original paint chipped off.  You have to look closely.  There are some flaws: A corner of the door on the left is missing, and the hinges have been poorly replaced.  The movement is signed Welch and sits loosely in its mount; we couldn’t keep it running, but it will run and strike.  It is an 8-day movement.  There is an excellent label on the back.  There are no sales of this clock listed in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, but there are two recent sales on eBay; one for $163 in 2014, and one for $500 in 2015.  This clock is uncommon, but $500 seems a bit high. $175-$250.

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583.           $50

Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn. one of the first City Series they made, the “Chicago”, ca 1874. The rosewood veneered case is excellent other than I suspect, a new bottom glass. This model has always been one of my favorite City Series clocks. Partial label inside, very nice glasses, correct hands, and coil gong. The original dial has some light flaking. 8-day movement is signed, running, and striking correctly.     Ly-Seth Thomas, page 188. $100-$200.


586.           $25

E. Ingraham & Co. mantel clock, “Octagon Doric”, ca 1880. The mahogany case is 16 inches tall, bottom glass, dial, and hands are replaced. One day movement is running and striking, pendulum and key enclosed. Not a bad little clock except where noted. $25-$50.


660.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. parlor clock, “Garfield”, ca 1901. This is one of the clocks in their 6 clock “G” Assortment. Clever how they did that. All six clocks names start with the letter “G”.  I notice while looking all the 6 clocks they substituted some of the parts. For instance, our Garfield has columns pictured on the Girard. The 8-day movement is running and striking half hours. The signed dial, hands, original glass, gong, pendulum, and movement are all original to the clock. Ly-Ansonia #1893. $75-$150.


661.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. parlor clock, “Buffalo”, ca 1901.Walnut case has a good finish, a little dark. It is original and complete, including the very nice glass, original dial but a little dark, correct pendulum and key. The case is 22 ˝ inches high. There is a signed 8-day movement that is running and striking correctly. An insignificant piece of label remains on the back. Ly-Ansonia #1903. $75-$150.


662.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock they called, “Kirkwood”, ca 1901. The case is 22” tall, wood resembles walnut, and they called it “Dark Wood”, it kinda looks like oak to me.  There is ripple molding around the door and base, and a large number of deeply grooved or pressed designs all over the case front. The original dial is signed, hands and rings are original, very nice original glass, original pendulum, and an 8-day movement that strikes half hours on a gong. It is a very attractive clock and has a lot more going for it than I am giving credit for. Ly-Ansonia #1910. $75-$150.


663.           $50

E. Ingraham Clock Co. mantel clock, “Micha”, ca 1915. They described this clock as being one of their Lake Line clocks. I never heard of any of the six lakes mentioned. The oak case is 22 inches high, just a common kitchen clock, pressed designs in the wood, nothing fancy at all. It has a simple door latch, glass is not fancy, cheap dial is now darkened, cast metal pendulum and a coil gong. It has an 8-day hour and half hour movement that is running and striking the gong. Ly-Ingraham #1053. $75-$150.