Late Victorian Shelf Clocks 772-794
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772.           $25

E. Ingraham & Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Crystal”, ca 1880. This case is a little fancier than other octagon top clocks Ingraham made. The door is gold paint covered with a really nice glass. There are some small paint chips on the door. The old dial is dirty but complete. Inside is a black paper label covering the backboard. There is some loss of paper, maybe 25%. The walnut case is 15 inches tall, complete and original. The one day movement is running and striking the coil gong. Ly-Ingraham #868. $25-$50


785.           $50

Waterbury Clock Co. mantel clock, “Henshaw”, ca 1906. The pressed oak case is 22 inches tall, has plain pressed designs all over, good original tablet, original dial and hands, same with the pendulum, alarm movement and 8-day running movement. On the back is most of a paper label. The movement is running and striking half hours on a gong. Ly-Waterbury #1643. $75-$150.


794.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Cinderella”, ca 1890. Black walnut case is 25 inches tall, original, clean, polished, side door latch, and nice and original painted door glass. It has an excellent dial, fancy regulating pendulum, and an 8-day time and striking movement that is running and striking on a coil gong. Clock is very clean for its age. Ly-New Haven #1336. $75-$150.