Wall Clocks 78-208
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78.            $800

E.  Howard & Co., Boston, “Presentation Model-Reissue” banjo, ca 1989.  The 40” high case is cross banded mahogany, has strips of lighter wood around both painted glasses, with a wood finial, brass bezel, brass side rails, and round balls on the base.  The painted metal dial is signed, “E.  Howard & Co. / Boston”, and the movement is signed the same.  The movement and several places on the case are marked.  The clock is perfect and has all the accessories you would see on the original, early 1900 banjo, such as brass pendulum rod and bob, pendulum tie down, winding key, iron weight, door latches, hands, and glasses.  The clock is not only “like new” it is “new” and probably never hung on the wall.  It came to me in the original shipping box.  This model is shown and discussed in several of Tran Duy Ly’s clock books.  In particular see his book, “American Clocks”.  $1000-$1500.


86.            $750

F.  Kroeber Clock Co. New York, “Regulator No. 30”, ca 1875.  This early model has a plain glass and is 37” high.  The later, 1881 model, is 41” high.  This clock has a signed Seth Thomas 8-day movement that is running.  That movement is correct for this model.  I have sold other No. 30’s that also had a ST movement.  The walnut case is original top to bottom, all the carved pieces, etchings, applied ornaments, and the turned and grooved columns.  The case has not been cleaned for some old crazing remains on the wood.  It does appear to have been lightly polished.  On the back is a complete paper label.  There is a door lock, a correct brass pendulum, brass dial rings, and original dial pan and hands but it now has a new paper dial on the pan.  Ly-Kroeber, page 106.  It books for $2500 and we have seen this model go much higher, usually at live auctions where folks cannot stop bidding and do not even inspect the clocks, and for sure cannot return them.  $1000-$1500.



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91.            $500

E.  Howard & Co. Boston, “Regulator No. 70”, ca 1882.  Near original example of a fine wall clock.  The original painted dial is dirty looking and should clean for there is very little paint loss.  The movement is signed “E.  Howard & Co. / Boston / 59”.  The walnut case is original, nicks on the bezel to tint, crusty around the case otherwise and needs to be cleaned and polished.  There is minimal smoke remaining in the cracks and crevices.  The 8-day movement, pendulum stick, pendulum bob, pendulum, weight, weight pulley, hands, and special Howard door latches, are all good stock.  The baffle board over the weight is missing as is part of the pendulum tie down.  This is a pretty rough example but with work can be a nice clock again.  Ly-American Clocks, Volume 1, page 123.  $750-$1000.


90.            $750

Seth Thomas Clock Co. wall clock, “Umbria”, ca 1897.  The factory date is stamped on the back, “7981”.  Oak case is 40 ½” high, has probably never been cleaned as there are still remnants of aged paint over the case and in the grooves and joints.  Both glasses are old, two door locks on the side, original painted dial with some wear, smudges, and tiny chips.  It has three incorrect hands, original brass bob, wood stick, and brass beat scale. The brass movement is double spring, 15-day time only.  Nice correct clock with a heavy-duty movement that should give you a lifetime of good service one you clean and polish the case.  Ly-Seth Thomas, page 320.  Booked for $2000 a few years ago.  $1000-$1500.


100.           $800

American banjo of the Boston type, ca 1826.  The 8-day time only movement is not signed, neither is the original painted metal dial.  Previous collectors who owned this clock said it was made by Lemuel Curtis or Elnathan Taber, both with ties to Aaron Willard.  Brass eagle, side rails and heavy sash holding the bowed glass.  The brass eagle may well be a replacement.  No way to know for sure.  Excellent painted glasses that resemble so many we see on early banjo’s, “Aurora” the goddess of sunlight.  Old iron weight is the type usually found in this type early banjo, it is not marked in any way.  There is part of the pendulum tie down but the part holding the pendulum is missing. It has the original metal baffle covering the weight chute.  The metal dial has good paint and the V slots around the edge that so many early dials have.  The hands, pendulum bob, rod, pulley, iron weight, and winding crank, are all original or period to the clock.  The movement runs fine.  $1000-$1500.


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208.            $200

Waterbury Clock Co. 8-day oak step back case gallery clock with labels and excellent rubbed out finish that looks original.  Fancy Waterbury hands and a correct 12 inch painted and signed metal dial with slight discoloration but overall in very nice condition.  The glass is old and wavy.  The pendulum movement was recently serviced and is running correctly.  The catalogs show this clock is available with a 30-day movement.  We know of one that sold not long ago for $2000.  This case is 18 inches at the back and is 5 inches deep.  It hurts me to set the minimum this low.  $500-$800.