Wall Clocks 210-229
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211.            $200

E.  Ingraham Clock Co. “Western Union”, ca 1911.  This one is special because of the unusual advertising on the lower glass, “The National Stockman and Farmer / Pittsburgh, Pa.”.  Both glasses appear to be original and the advertising paint is holding very well.  The near perfect oak case is 36” high, clean and polished.  We bought it with a collection of excellent clocks from a Pennsylvania collector.  Several of his clocks will be in this auction, none have any apologies.  The original dial is signed, has correct hands, and original brass bob on a wood stick, and a perfect label on the back.  The movement is 8-day, time only, and it is running.  Ly-Ingraham #377.  $300-$500.


210.            $250

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Queen Anne”, ca 1883.  The movement in this clock is 8-day, signed, running, and striking hours on the Cathedral gong.  The damascened pendulum bob and the bell are nickeled.  The door lock is correct, there is a nice original glass, knobs, small finials, spindles and all the other parts to the case.  Inside are a near perfect black label and a beat indicator.  It has a very nice paper dial, signed in two places, and it has the correct hands.  The walnut case is 36” tall, clean and polished and would please any ST collector. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 36.  $300-$500.



215.            $150

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, the “Saturn”, ca 1911. Single spring movement is 8-day, time only, and running as expected.  The case and all the integral parts appear to be original.  The dial has been professionally repainted.  The hands are original, so are the signed beat scale, pendulum, and both glasses.  Pendulum ball has been polished.       Mahogany case is about 35” high, dark and has an original “Antique Finish”.  It is a nice correct clock Ly-New Haven, page 144.  $200-$400.


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220.            $250

E.  N.  Welch Mfg.  Co., Forestville, Conn. U.S.A.”, hanging regulator, “Auditorium”, ca 1882.  I have never sold this model.  It is identical to the Welch mantel clock, “Donita” except for the base of course.  The walnut ? case looks like new, clean and polished, complete with no replaced or repaired parts.  The glass is perfect, polished brass dial rings, all metal parts are clean and polished, has two labels on the back, one near complete the other not, the painted dial is original as are the hands and alarm ring.  The 8-day time, strike and alarm movement is running and striking a Cathedral gong and ringing the alarm on a brass bell.  The clock is exceptionally nice.  Ly-Welch, page 218.  $300-$500.


225.            $275

E.  Ingraham & Co. hanging clock, “Ducat”, ca 1891.  They made this model as a shelf and a hanging clock, identical except for the bases.  The oak case is 28 inches tall, complete and all original, is very clean and polished.  It came to us with a large collection of extremely nice wall and mantel clocks.  The 8-day movement runs and strikes half hours on a Cathedral gong.  They (Ingraham) would sell you what they called a “slow strike movement” for an additional $. 60.  The dial has been repainted; hands were replaced, but otherwise it is correct and original.  This clock has an alarm movement that rings on a brass bell and has a level on the base.  Ly-Ingraham #948. $300-$500.


229.            $275

E.  Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn. This is one of their Commerce and Industry series, ca 1880’s.  Part of the complete label reads, “Manufactured Expressly for the C.  F. Adams Co. Erie, Penn.  and Branches, by the E.  Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn. U.S.A.”.  This is the only hanging model of the series, others were shelf clocks.  The oak case is 26 inches long, has pressed designs all over the case depicting men and their various occupations.  It is entirely original including the door glass, dial, hands, pendulum, gong, and the 8-day movement.  It is running and striking on a coil gong.  The only thing missing is the little door hook.  $300-$500.