Wall Clocks 304-319
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304.     $1200

E. Howard Banjo No. 5, ca. 1874.  The smallest of the Howard banjos at 29 inches high, in “well-seasoned hardwood, stained in imitation of rosewood, and polished.  For use in dwelling-houses, offices and rooms, they are well adapted.” This clock retains the rosewood staining quite nicely; all three glasses are old, possibly repainted, possibly rebacked.  There is some lifting of the black background paint in the throat section.  The dial was probably repainted some time ago as it shows age.  The hands are correct.  The movement is signed and running, driven by an appropriate weight.  There is a weight shield, a pendulum tie-down, and an instruction label on the bottom.  The damascened pendulum bob is old, the pendulum stick may be new.  There are screws securing the base to the case where the weight may have knocked it off.  All in all a better than average example particularly with regard to the grain painted finish, which is often worn off.  A couple of sales on eBay in 2016, both over $1500.  $1400-$1800.

Interior-1      Interior-2      Label     Movement      Base


306.     $125

Sessions “Sentinel”, 1910.  A 24-inch by 16.5-inch case in oak, dark with age, would clean up nicely with Kotton Klenser if desired.  Glass is old, original paint I think, metal dial pan with original paint.  Correct hands.  Time-only, 8-day spring-driven movement is signed, looks original, and is running and keeping time.  Used to be a label on the back.  One sold on eBay in March for $144.  $140-$180.



308.     $375

Wm. Gilbert “Salisbury”, ca. 1900.  You won’t find this clock in Ly’s book on Gilbert clocks but it is clearly labeled “Salisbury | Wm L Gilbert Clock Co.” on the back.  There is also one sales record in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, for $650 at Schmitt’s in 2009.  Clearly an uncommon clock.  The 41-inch walnut case is in fine shape, possibly with the original finish or a very old refinish.  There are lots of carvings on the case and everything looks original, from the case to the dial to the glass, 8-day time-and-strike signed movement, pendulum stick and bob.  We replaced the badly worn paper dial.  The glass is old but the silver stencil shows virtually no wear; it may be a re-stencil.  The clock is running, keeping time, and striking on the hour and half-hour on the cathedral gong.  A Salisbury sold on eBay in April of this year for $375.  $375-$450.

Movement      Back      Side view


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315.      $200

Wm. Gilbert “No. 3036” store clock, ca. 1910.  Not shown in Ly’s book on Gilbert clocks but clearly labeled on the back, and very similar to the Gilbert “University” model (page 153 of Ly’s book).  It is 38 inches in height with a very nice refinish on the oak case.  Both glasses are old and the stencil and trim paint is in excellent shape. The paper dial shows considerable foxing and the pendulum bob has a rusty spot on the bottom.  There is an unsigned 8-day time-only movement inside and it is running and keeping time.  $225-$325.

Interior      Back



316.      $50

Plymouth “Style 5614” wall clock, ca. 1936.  Plymouth Clocks was a Division of Seth Thomas. Advertised as “A modestly priced wall clock for the office, store, factory, and school.”  The “white wood” (probably poplar) is stained in a “rich mahogany”, the door has a mirror in the lower panel with the pendulum visible through the rectangular window. A signed lacquered metal dial.  The movement is unsigned, running 8 days, time only.  Just over 14.5 inches tall. All in all in excellent shape, running and keeping time.  $50-$100.

Open      Movement


319.      $200

E. Ingraham “Western Union” store clock, ca. 1911.  A 36-inch refinished oak case with a new upper glass and the original lower glass, with some wear to the gold stencil.  The dial pan and paper dial were replaced some time ago; the old hands have been repainted.  The time-only 8-day movement is signed and running.  There is most of a label on the back.  The average sale price for this model clock on eBay over the last few years is $225.

Interior     Movement