Wall Clocks 328-504
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328.     $1800

Chelsea Clock Co. “Regulator No. 3”, 1900-1904.  An uncommon clock, all the more so when found in cherry, as here.  The clock is 37 inches long with a 12-inch dial and was designed to compete with the Seth Thomas No. 2 regulator, with the weight falling in front of the pendulum.   It differs from the more common Chelsea No. 1 Pendulum where the flat weight falls behind a weight shield.  The movement is numbered 86292, dating its manufacture to between 1900 and 1904. It is running and keeping time.  Both glasses are old; the metal dial was probably repainted some time ago, and some chipping has been touched up at the winding port.  The case has been thoroughly cleaned if not refinished.  A single comparable sale in the Antique Clocks Price Guide: a cherry-case model sold at Schmitt’s in 2012 for $4900.  $3000-$5000.

Interior     Dial      Movement     

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329.     $550

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2, ca. 1900.  An oak case with an old finish, nicely aged.  Lower glass old, dial glass newer.  The dial has been repainted.  Hands are correct, pendulum bob bright and shiny, with a new pendulum stick.  Old weight and old beat scale.  The signed movement is running and keeping time.  No label. $800-$1200.

Interior      Back


335.     $275

Ansonia “Queen Elizabeth”, 1901.  This is the later version of this clock, with the 1880 version having a different crest and base.  It is a 37-inch oak case with a dark finish in need of renewal.  The glass is old as is the signed paper dial, which also could stand to be renewed; we can do that for you for $25.  The hands are new, the pendulum bob old and with a spot of oxidation near the pendulum stick.  It holds an 8-day time-only signed movement that is running and keeping time.  Nice label on the back.  Several recent sales on eBay, averaging $330 over the last several years.

Movement     Back


341.      $2250

Samuel Abbott Coffin clock, ca. 1830.  This very simple pine case with a dark and likely original finish is 30 inches long and 10 inches wide.  A similar clock is shown in Distin & Bishop, The American Clock (1983) on page 78 and is attributed to the Shakers of Maine around 1830.  There is no label, inside or out.  The banjo-type movement is signed “Abbott” and runs 8-days, time only, and is keeping excellent time if the hands aren’t pinned too tightly.  Both glasses are old, as are the hands; the heavy iron dial has been repainted.  The clock is driven by a lead weight.  There are 14 Sam Abbott clocks listed in the Antique Clocks Price Guide but none match this clock, and there are no coffin clocks that match either, so pricing is hard to estimate.  $2500-$4000.

Interior      Movement      Side view


358.     $425

British United Clock Co. “Vanner & Prest’s” advertiser, 1885-1909.  This is NOT the Baird advertiser you might think.  The B.U.C.C. was in operation from 1885 to 1909 and modeled this clock after the more common Baird advertisers for this leather treatment (Molliscorium).  You can still buy Vanner & Prest horse care products today. It differs from the Baird clock in that the raised lettering is pressed into a tin cover over the wood bezels, rather than being formed of paper maché.  The clock is 30.5 inches long with an 11-inch dial that is flaking badly, but retains the BUCC logo.  The paint on the tin covers and case is in very good shape.  The 8-day time-only signed movement is running and keeping time. No label, other than instructions on the back.  These clocks are not common and I could not find a listing in the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  A nice complement to the Baird Vanner & Prest advertiser if you happen to have it.  $500-$800.

Open     Movement      Back      Label

504.           $150

Seth Thomas Clock Co. hanging, “Eclipse”, ca 1890. This “no name” clock was not given a name until recently, and only then because of the name “Eclipse” cast on the pendulum bob. Most everyone calls it a “hanging balltop”. Whatever it is, ST made it special for someone or some purpose. All the cases have a special label with a serial number on the door. This is the only model of the hundreds they made that had a special label with a serial number and it just made me out a liar. This is the first case I have seen that did not have that serial number. This walnut case is as nice and clean as any I have sold. It is 27” high, complete, original, and in immaculate condition top to bottom. It has a partial label inside, correct “Eclipse” pendulum bob, original dial and hands, 8-day movement, coil gong, alarm movement and brass bell, and a near perfect glass. As good as they come. Ly-Seth Thomas #1057. $200-$400.