Clocks 1-6

3.         $75

E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol, Conn. mantel clock, “Doric No. 1 – Rose”, ca 1875. Why did they use the name Rose? Because all of that model had a lower glass with a rose pictured. This mahogany case is 18 7/8 inches tall, (the only clock I have ever encountered that was that precise on the measurement) both glasses are original, Ingrahams special door latch (a real pain) original dial and hands, wire gong, complete label, and their 8-day brass movement that is running. Nice clean clock. Ly-Ingraham #866. $100-$200.



4.         $75

“E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol. Conn.”, mantel clock, “Arch Column, No. 1”, ca 1865.  I have sold bushels of Ingraham mantel clocks, but I don’t believe I have ever had this rare model. Now I have two. These were great case styles with the full columns each side of the round doors (glasses) and quarter columns on the back sides. The glasses are original, so is the dial, hands not sure, good label, coil gong, pendulum and the 8-day Ingraham movement that is running and striking hours on the coil gong. These are super decorator items, you can place them anywhere, and you don’t have to run them, just enjoy their look. Ly-Ingraham, page 257. $100-$200.


2.         $75

E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Conn. mantel clock, “Arch Column, No. 1”, ca 1865. This is a very early mantel clock, and the early ones built by all the clockmakers were well made, they used the best wood and best everything. As time went on mantel clocks were made cheaper with little craftsmanship apparent. This fine clock is 17 inches high, made of mahogany with round glasses. The top is original the bottom a replacement. It has nice gold columns, repainted dial, and correct hands. The label is perfect, coil gong, pendulum and 8-day movement are all original and the movement is running and striking the coil gong on the hours. Ly-Ingraham #799. $100-$200.


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5.         $75

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, mantel clock “Column”, ca 1878. That is how the company identified this model in their company sales catalogs. The label on the back of the door calls it, “Col. Spring”. The rosewood case is 16 inches tall, has two original glasses, door latch, half columns on the sides, and complete label on the door. The dial was repainted. We have 350 clocks from this collector and inspecting the first five it is evident he liked nice clean dial, complete labels, and completely original cases. This clock was evidently very smoky black and was cleaned but there is black remaining on the wood. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours on a coil gong. Ly-New Haven #1212. $100-$200.


1.          $75

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock they simply named, “Column”, ca 1878. This one is an 8-day time and strike model, restored as all of the first 100 clocks are. The beautiful mahogany case is 16 inches tall, columns on the side, door latch, and the case bows on the base and top. The dial was repainted and a new tablet was installed, otherwise just a good cleaning and polishing to bring the case back to life. In addition to the 8-day movement that is running it strikes hours on an iron bell and the alarm movement rings on the same iron bell. If you like to restore clocks the first 100 in this auction are not for you. If you want a great looking clock ready to use, grab all you can of the first 100. Ly-New Haven #1212. $100-$200.

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6.         $50

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, 8-day, round top mantel clock, ca 1870.The rosewood case is 14 ˝ inches tall, clean, polished, original, and as nice as one could expect after people handled it, moved it for 150 years. The special feature of this clock is the Gutta Percha glass covering the front of the clock. It is absolutely one of the best I have ever seen. It would look good on any mantel or bedroom dresser. The dial was repainted, there is a complete paper label on the door, the door latches on the side, coil gong and old pendulum inside, and the 8-day time and striking movement that is in good running condition. $75-$150.

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