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75.           $400

Three Weight, Grand Sonnerie, Vienna Regulator, ca 1875. Brass movement is signed by the maker’s trademark insignia, “CF”, or “GF”, or something else, it is hard to decrypt.    Double coil gongs on the back of the movement that sound the quarters and hours. Called a “Blind Man’s Clock”, because when it strikes quarter hours and hours during the night you know what time it is. It strikes one time 15 minutes after the hour, then strikes the number of the last hour. At 30 minutes past the hour it strikes two times on one gong, and the number of the last hour on the other gong, etc. Near perfect two piece porcelain dial and a great pair of Vienna hands. Polished brass pendulum bob, porcelain beat scale, three matching brass weights, three matching brass pulleys, and a winding crank. The 54 inch light to medium walnut case is very nice, full grooved columns on the door, nice carvings below the columns, carvings all over the top piece, carvings on the base and the very bottom carved piece that I failed to glue in place for the picture, but show it at the bottom. I believe the top is original to the case but new pegs and peg holes have been made. The walnut finish has been rubbed, now with a slick furniture like finish. Picture frame on the backboard with a darker walnut wood insert. There are three good glasses, wall levelers, and a door latch. $500-$750.

93.           $600

Lenzkirsch RA wall clock, ca 1880. Walnut veneered case is 33” tall, carved top and tail, finials top and bottom, three glasses, and ebony trim on the top, base, finials, and case edges. Two piece porcelain dial, porcelain RA bob insert, and porcelain beat scale. The hands are fancy, bob is brass and nickel, and an old key is included. The brass 8 day movement is mounted to a brass backboard mounting bracket. The bracket is signed, “D.R.P. / 9 Feb 1878”. A coil gong is mounted to the same bracket. The movement is signed, “Lenzkirsch / A.U.G. / 304682”.  This clock is similar to many others pictured and written about in the book, “Lenzkirsch Clocks / The Unsigned Story”, by George A. Everett. $600-$900.

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99C.           $750

French three piece bronze set, ca 1880. The 8 day round French movement is signed, “Japy Freres”. It is typical of most all French movements of that period, striking half hours and hours on a standing gong. A hinged bronze door covers the back opening. The clock case is 13.5 inches high and the side pieces are 11 inches high, not including the 2 inch high bases. All three pieces sit on a base that is covered with gold gilt around the edges. Each of the pieces has bun feet and is signed underneath in several coded ways. Maker’s numbers I suppose. The large base has some chips on the corners. I am just a rookie in the clock business but over my 45 years collecting and selling clocks I have never seen a three piece set with bases. The front of all three bronze pieces are intricately decorated with animals and foul. The dial ring is slightly soiled and should clean up easily. The hands are correct, as are the pendulum and key. $1000-$1500.


99K.           $1100

 Large two piece French porcelain clock by, “Breguet a’ Paris”. The dial and movement are both signed the same. The movement also has a serial number, “495”. Breguet was making clocks in Paris in the early to mid-1800’s. There are no visible missing, repaired, or broken pieces. All the fingers, toes, and other sharp edge points, are all intact. Nice colors on the porcelain as well as gold highlights. The French couple is lollygagging in the flower garden, probably discussing the next French election. The clock sitting on the fancy wood base is 16 ½ inches tall, and 19 inches wide at the base. It has a very nice porcelain dial and original correct French hands. The clock is in running condition, but we did not run it most of the time we had it. I would recommend you oil it if you plan to run it regularly. We never see these fine French clocks for sale anymore. $2000-$3000.


215.           $250    

German, Junghans, Swinging Arm, ca 1910. 8 day novelty clock, spelter statue, gilt bronze arm. Both are as found in a collection, have been cleaned and polished but natural wear of original finish is still evident. The porcelain dial is signed with the makers mark, the well made movement also has the Junghans trademark. The movement is running just fine but we do not know when it was last serviced. The clock is 20” high. We used to sell quite a few of the Junghans but this is the first one to come our way in a few years. $350-$500.