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240.           $75

Miniature Vienna Regulator, 15 inches high, 3 glasses, 4 finials, rope twist each side of the door, dial signed, “1981”, hands, pendulum and key are all original. Label on the back says, “1981 / Limited Edition / Miniature Vienna/ R.K. – W.M. / No. 47”. The initials are those of a couple of northeast collectors, Rudy Kempler and William (Bill) Mather. Clock has one flaw. Part of the bottom finial’s base is missing. $75-$150.


242.           $250

Austrian one weight, time only Vienna, ca 1848. The single wind brass movement is unsigned, but the dial is signed, “Jolef Schmied / Wien”. It runs 8 days, movement is bright and clean and the brass weight, dial rings, wall levelers, and other parts are also clean and polished. The movement attaches to a mounting bracket. The clock is complete with a brass bob, wood stick, porcelain beat scale (with damage), 3 good glasses, and a door hook. The two piece porcelain dial is very nice and there is a pair of early Vienna hands. The beautiful walnut case is 38 inches high, has three glasses, grooved columns on the door with carved capitals and bases, three finials on the base, and a cast eagle on top. The top piece has been put in new holes but I do believe it is original to the case. $300-$500.

245.           $50

“Junghans / Made in Germany”, miniature shelf clock with a music box. It is 13 inches tall, very dark, wood never cleaned, missing one top finial. Hinged back door with key on the back gives access to the one day time and alarm movement. Music box below the silver movement is set by the alarm dial. I did not attempt to play the music but it looks to be complete. $50-$100.


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250.           $100

400 Day Anniversary Clock, ca 1926. Identical to the clock pictured in Ly-Gustav Becker, page 149. This model has six large brass pillars with a dome over it. Polished and clean all over. Excellent porcelain dial and hands. The dial is signed, “Made in Germany”. Movement is also clean and running. Without the glass dome in place the clock is 15 ˝ inches tall, with the dome it is 16 ˝ inches tall. It is an unusually nice clock. Movement is signed with some initials that I cannot decipher. The dome is cracked top to bottom in one place, no evidence it wants to come apart. I didn’t even notice it until I was placing the clock on a shelf. $100-$200.

Without dome


287.           $400

French hanging clock with 8 day time and strike movement, ca 1880. It strikes on a coil gong attached to a metal cover over the movement. The solid plate movement is signed with a logo. Initials inside the logo are “C F” or “F C”, which I would guess is one of the Freres clock makers of that era. The back of the case is covered with a metal plate which I removed for the picture. The minute hand is broken and will need to be soldered or better to get a pair of French hands from Timesavers. The wood case is 28 inches tall, has numerous brass decorations top to bottom, some sections with carved designs, and a removable top. It was running when I hung for the picture but I would recommend it be serviced before constant use. $400-$600.