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304.           $750

German calendar clock, ca 1890. An awfully lot of mechanical things stuffed inside this 19 ½ inch high mahogany case. The picture taken from the back will give you some idea of how tight the movements fit in the case. The 8 day running movement is not signed, nor is the calendar parts or the dial. It has a very complicated calendar movement that is not functioning properly according to the consignor. It has excellent paper rolls, all in German, generally that means the clock was not made for export to an English speaking country, England or the US. The case has not been cleaned or polished, but is retaining the mahogany look. There should be a finial on top but was missing when it came to us. The door glass is old and has lost most of the putty, but I believe it is original to the case. The pendulum and hands appear to be correct. It strikes hours and half hours on a standing gong. Nice silver dial has three winding holes, etched numerals and etched designs. There is a nice brass ring around the time dial. A very unusual clock, made like a bracket clock and housing many different operations. $1000-$1500.



320.           $50

Miniature German RA type case, yet has some very attractive features, i.e. many finials, attractive top ornament and tail. Turned half columns on the door, three glasses, two piece dial and a nice RA pendulum. Brass movement mount on the backboard, slide in movement mount then held with thumb screws. The 8 day movement is time and striking on a coil gong attached to the back plate and is running and striking. It also has a door latch and wall levelers. The dark, complete, walnut case is 28 inches tall. Note there is a tiny button missing on the right side of the head piece, I forgot to glue it on. $75-$150.



362.           $50

German gallery clock, round bezel, octagon base, door opening at the bottom to access the pendulum. It has dark black paint throughout, surely not a repaint for it is much too nice. Slick as a whistle. Brass bezel, original hands, perfect painted dial, hinged door with clip lock on the bottom. It has an 8 day time and strike movement that is running and striking on a large coil gong. Lots of writing on the back, dates, names, etc. $50-$100.


363.           $350

German, Oswald Genie, an extremely rare carved wood clock, not composition as so many of the later ones are. The Oswald sticker is underneath. This model original had a wood tray held in the Genie’s outstretched hands. The collector who sells Genie clocks thru our auctions says the wood trays are available on EBay, and unfortunately you cannot tell if they are original or not. The excellent carved case is 8 inches high, clean and complete. The Oswald clocks have 30 hour movements that wind and set on the back. The movement is running and the eyes are rotating properly. The rotation of the left eye shows the hour, the right eye the minutes. $500-$750.

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365.           $150

German wall clock, ca 1920’s. This is a very heavy oak cased clock, 37” high, balcony type with a fancy brass pendulum. The pendulum is hanging low to show in the picture. The front of the case has columns and carved objects on the base. The wood has some carving and grooved designs over the front. The movement is attached to a slide in seat board. It is in very good overall condition, and in running condition. The movement is 8 day and strikes a large iron coil gong. The movement is signed only, “Patent /154590”. The large pendulum is signed but I cannot decide the maker because a couple of letters are obscured.  $150-$250.