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367.           $75

German RA, has a lot of pizzazz, large detachable top with 3 identical finials, and 3 finials on the base. It has very attractive columns on the door, three glasses, and wall levelers. This 8 day movement strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong attached to the back of the movement. It is stamped with the Junghans logo. It has a very nice two piece porcelain dial, and a nice pressed brass pendulum. The walnut case is 38 inches high, decorative half columns each side of the door, viewing doors on the case sides, and a top piece that fits in one slot. The movement is clean and running strong. $100-$200.


369.           $450

French brass cased carriage clock, ca 1870, time, strike, repeat, and alarm in a finely engraved case with center seconds hand. The alarm hand is off, now taped to the top glass. The 6 ¾ inch high case is loose. I am guessing one or more new beveled glasses were installed and case was not tightened by screws underneath the base. Neither the dial nor 8 day movement is signed. The movement is sluggish, runs a bit and stops. All five beveled glasses are perfect, top of case is full beveled glass. The hinged back door is not tight, probably because case not tightened from underneath. $750-$1000.


370.           $350

Gubelin, Lucerne, Switzerland, a manufacturer of fine watches and jewelry since the mid 1800’s, and they also retailed clocks, many made by other Swiss manufacturers. This clock on a shelf is such a product. The painted wood case is covered with brass, has a key locking glass door in front and a latching door in back. The dial, movement, pendulum, and case are all signed by Gubelin. The clock is 18 inches but on the shelf together they are 25 inches high. The dial is comprised of large porcelain cartouche numerals, porcelain inner dial, and original hands. Interesting that the pendulum is also signed by Gubelin. The clock is running and striking on a bell. $450-$650.


372.           $1150

“Bolviller a Paris”, signed on the porcelain dial and movement of this unusual and early brass carriage clock, ca 1848-1858. Bolviller had some connection with Japy Freres in the early clockmaking years. Brass case is 7 inches high with gilt castings and heavily engraved back door and dial plate. Both the front and back doors are hinged, with original pull knobs. Back door also has a movable plate inside the door accessible from the outside allowing access to winding arbors and hand set, without opening the door. The 8 day movement runs and strikes. Strikes one time on both half hours and hours. Most unusual and probably earliest of any of the rare carriage clocks we have sold. $1200-$1500.

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377.           $1395

French/Swiss pinwheel regulator. Walnut? case is 78” high, very clean and polished. It could have been refinished at some time for it looks like a piece of antique furniture and is ready to hang and enjoy. The clock came to us from a long time collector who had it hanging in his home for many years. He had it held to the wall with 4 large screws. There is no wall hanger on the case, but they are easy to come by. The door has two glasses, and latches on the side. The bottom glass has a small break in the bottom right. The top is not attached but you may wish to remedy that. I could not get a good full picture of the clock working alone. I took an extra picture so you could enlarge and see the finials on the base of the case. As you know most cases housing French/Swiss movements were made in the USA, either in a factory or cabinetmaker. The movement rests on a wood mounting bracket. In these old clocks that are 100 years old or more, you most generally see many holes in the backboard. The Swiss pinwheel movement is typical, housed in an iron box with latching doors on each side of the box. Porcelain dial with large brass dial surround that stretches 14” across the inside of the case. There are small hairlines on the dial and two very small chips on the outside edge of the dial. Lyre pendulum, brass weight, and a pair of large hands, complete the clock. The 8 day time only movement was recently cleaned and oiled and is running. In the past we have sold Swiss pinwheel regulators, not nearly this nice, for up to $5000. $1500-$2000.