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616.     $75

French black marble mantel, ca. 1900.  A 38-lb marble (Belgian slate, really) mantel clock, 16 inches wide and 9 inches high.  There is a mottled marble front behind short marble double-columns with gold and silver incising along the bottom and around the dial.  The painted dial shows considerable wear; there is a beveled glass in the brass bezel. Brass hands and an outside escapement.  No chips, scratches, or discolorations to the case.  The round unsigned French movement is not running although the springs are fully wound.  Clock looks great but you’ll need to do some work to get it running.  $125-$175.

Left view      Top view      Movement

627.     $150

Pickard & Punant French figural, ca. 1860.  This French figural clock stands just 12 inches tall on a gilt bronze base with alabaster inserts.  The girl is playing a tambourine with a music stand and several horns next to her, cast in a rich bronze finish.  The clock has a porcelain dial, no glass or bezel.  There are two very faint hairlines in the dial, too faint to show in our photo.  Original French Breguet hands.  The movement is signed and strikes the bell on the half-hour and counts the hours.  It is running and keeping time.  $200-$300.

Back      Movement

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630.     $200

 Brass carriage clock with filigree trim, ca. 1900.  This standard size carriage clock stands 6 inches high with the handle up and has a 2-inch porcelain dial with a filigree dial insert.  There is a bright gold front behind a filigree mask, with filigree side panels all behind beveled glasses.  The glass in the door shows some chipping in the corners, and there is some dried brass polish 200-behind the glasses on the sides that would clean up easily if you’re willing to take it apart.  There is no signature anywhere I can see, and no country of manufacture indicated.  The key that comes with it states “Made in England”.  It is a time-only 8-day movement, and is running and keeping time.  Very nice, I think. An identical carriage clock sold on eBay last month for $407.

Left side      Right side     Back



701.           $50

Novelty clock signed on the dial and on the back, “Made In Germany”. Metal case is     11 ˝ inches tall and is complete, except for whatever finish was on the metal case. The focal point of the clock of course is the deer and its antlers. Fortunately the antlers are all present. The one day movement winds in the back with a big clock type key, and it is running. $50-$100.

702.           $50

Miniature reproduction by the same gentlemen that made #240. The label on the back of this case states, “1982 / Limited Edition / Miniature Freeswinger / R.K. – W.M. / No.36”.  The dial also is signed “1982”. The two men who made several miniature reproductions back in the 1980’s were Rudy Kempler and William (Bill) Mather, a couple of east coast collector entrepreneurs.