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704.           $50

“Schatz Ships Bell / Made in Germany”, found on the perfect silver dial of this nice ships bell clock. It is 6 ½ inches wide, signed on the back also, and it is complete and original. The 8 day movement is running and striking ships bells on the half hours. $50-$100.


706.           $25

Nice miniature cuckoo clock, signed on the dial, “K.C.&Co.”. It is one weight, time only, and pendulum is missing. It has a heavy painted wood dial, original hands, chain, and weight. It is running without the pendulum. You can order pendulums. $25-$50.


international_classics_jul18009008.jpg international_classics_jul18009007.jpg

719.           $25

Two clocks. Waltham desk clock, 8 day movement, not running, all original, 10 inches tall.  Hanging metal clock, 12 inches, porcelain dial with multiple lines and small chips. 8 day time only movement is running. Probably German or Swiss made. $50-$100.


722.           $25

“Hermle / Quartz / Made In Germany” signed on the dial of this nice novelty clock. It is a nice looking 10 inch high brass cased clock considering it was made in the age of el cheapo clocks. It is running strong on two AA batteries. They were corroding so I pitched them and it is still running. I don’t get it. I also cannot figure out how to stop the pendulum. I will have the shipper figure out how to keep it safe. $50-$100.


723.           $50

Junghans electric clock under glass dome, “Ato”, ca 1934. Brass and glass case is 11 inches tall. Glass frame lifts off to access the movement. The battery is located under the base. The movement is signed and running. $50-$100.

international_classics_jul18009004.jpg international_classics_jul18009003.jpg

735.           $50

A reproduction of Bradley & Hubbard’s 30 hour blinking eye clock, ca1855. This model is called “Continental”. The cases are cast iron, stamped underneath the base, “Germany1858”. The clock is running and the eyes are blinking. It is 10 inches tall, the originals were mostly 16 inches tall. $50-$100.

736.           $25

A copy of Bradley & Hubbard’s blinking eye clock, “Topsy, ca 1865. Most of the Topsy clocks I have seen featured African American females. I cannot say if this one was black originally but it has definitely been repainted from some original color. Made of iron it stands 11 ½ inches tall where the originals were 17 inches tall. The clock is not running and the eyes are not blinking, but it is complete. Signed on the base, “Germany 1858”. $25-$50.


284.           $275

Fusee shelf clock of some European origin, German or English. No signature on the dial or movement, at least on the back plate of the 8 day wire fusee movement. The nice substantial wood case is 14 ½ inches tall and 12 inches wide, and appears to be all original. It has some age, I would guess 100-150 years old. The large brass pendulum is correct and the movement is 8 day, time only. The brass bezel and bowed glass are covering the 6 inch brass dial with recessed numerals and original hands. A large hinged, key locking back door has an original glass so you can view the movement. $300-$500.