Clocks 229-238

229.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston, Conn., miniature pillar and scroll clock, ca 1932. Not sure of the exact name of this little 17 inch high mahogany case. The tablet is original but a little different than those pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas, page 661. The case is near perfect and no doubt lived in a fine home and was pampered for 90 years. The movement runs 8 days and strikes on a Cathedral gong. Everything about the clock is original and in excellent condition. $100-$200.


230.           $75

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature 9 inch cottage clock, ca 1880, give or take. They made a hundred or more variations of the miniature 9 inch clocks, losts of case styles and many different movements, so mixed around you have hundreds of variations. I believe this case is their “Cottage E” with a “C-Type” movement. It is exceptionally nice including the rosewood case, label, iron bell, glasses, door latch, and the 30 hour time and alarm movement that is running. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 217. $100-$200.

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231.           $300

“Webb C. Ball” American banjo clock, ca 1916. The Webb C. Ball company was a railroad inspection service and a retail jeweler in the Cleveland area for many years. They sold clocks and watches. He sold clocks made by Howard, Seth Thomas, Chelsea, and others. We believe this banjo clock was made by Chelsea. “Webb C. Ball” is imprinted on the dial as were a great many of his watches and clocks he sold. The 40 inch mahogany case was made to accommodate a weight driven pendulum movement. It has the tin cover over the weight chute from top to bottom. It would appear Ball bought the empty case and installed a lever movement and dial to his liking. The 8 day time only movement is running. The case has a brass eagle, brass side rails, brass sash with a bowed glass that is cracked. The dial and hands are good but not of Chelsea quality. Note the expensive “Hull” painted glasses. Ly-American Clocks, Volume 3, has a dozen pages dealing with the Ball company’s. $300-$500.


232.           $75

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., (General Time Corporation) Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature pillar & scroll clock, ca 1963. Solid mahogany case in perfect condition, 15 inches tall, has a colorful New England scene on the tablet, perfect dial, hands, brass finials, and 8 day Hermle movement that is running and striking half hours and hours. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 666. $100-$200.



233.           $150

“Brewster Manufacturing Co. / Bristol, Conn.”, beehive mantel clock, ca 1852. The 8 day time and strike heavy movement plate is signed, has very thick large springs and an alarm movement and brass bell in the base of the case. The running movement strikes hours on a coil gong attached to an iron gong base, and it has a nice brass pendulum and old key. The old dial pan has been repainted, hands appear to be correct. The top glass is held with original putty, bottom with old wood strips, and therefore cannot say it is original. The 20” high rosewood veneered case is basically very nice with few if any veneer repairs. Hard to tell but I lean toward all original. The label is near perfect but very dark. $200-$350.


234.           $100

E. Ingraham & Co. hanging calendar clock, “Dew Drop”, ca 1909. Exceptionally nice 24” high case that looks to be walnut but Ingraham calls it Imitation Rosewood. It has been cleaned and polished and the case is complete, has good glasses, and good gold on the lower glass. There is a new paper dial on the old pan, good hands, original pendulum bob, and key. The 8 day time only movement is correct and running. Books near $500, but with the new paper dial and the economic meltdown in 2008 worth some less. Ly-Ingraham #271. $150-$250.

235.           $100

“Reed’s Gilt Edge Tonic” signed on the dial of this regulator clock. A small label on the back of the door says, “This Regulator Clock is presented by The Geo. W. M. Reed Bitter Co. of New Haven, Conn. thru their wholesale agents as a gift to our patrons, and is intended to attract attention to the merits of, “REED’S GILT EDGE TONIC”. The wood case is 26 ½ inches tall, has a beveled glass over the dial, hands are replacements, large brass pendulum ball and wood stick. Appears to have initials G & L engraved on the base with gold filling. $100-$250.


236.           $450

“W. L. Gilbert Clock Company, Winsted, Conn.”, Octagon Drop Calendar, ca 1866. This early calendar clock as the Galusha Maranville patented calendar mechanism that has to be hand adjusted once each month. There are studs at the top and bottom of the dial for changing the month and day, then it is good for another month. The 8 day movement is running and striking a coil gong each hour. The is part of a label on the back and the inside of the case was wallpapered, now with a few chips. Inside is an old pendulum bob and key and the tiny round reverse painted glass in the bottom door. The dial (s) have been repainted. The rosewood veneered case is 23 ½ inches tall, very dark, probably never had the smoke removed but is polished and in excellent condition. All the various case parts appear to be original but I cannot vouch for the hands. Ly-Calendar, pages 80-81; Ly-Gilbert, page 72. $500-$750.


237.           $300

Wayne R. Cline, Bowling Green, Ky. Miniature replica of a Howard No.70 Regulator, ca 1980. The case is marked inside as being number “54” and marked on the back of the case, “Wayne Cline / C5453501”. It is 15 ½ inches tall, made of oak with a Tom Moberg painted tablet, Dial House painted dial that is signed, “Wayne R. Cline / Bowling Green, Ky.”. The 8 day time only movement is running, original key inside the case. Before his death Mr. Cline made hundreds of replicas of Howard and other makers clocks. $400-$600.

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238.           $100

New Haven Clock Co. banjo, “Winetka”, ca 1929. A miniature size, it is only 19” high. Wood case is excellent, has a painted finish all over, not sure of wood type, brass finial on top, brass side rails, and brass bezel. The decorated panels are original and in very good condition, and there is a bowed glass over the signed metal dial. Correct hands and it has raised numerals. 8 day pendulum movement strikes a long rod on half hours and hours. Pendulum and key included. Ly-New Haven, page 60. $250-$350.


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