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3.           $1000

E. Howard & Co. Boston, “Regulator No. 10”, figure 8-reissue. This clock was from the Gerald & Peggy Keith collection of very fine clocks. This one was bought by the Keith’s by advance subscription when only 500 of the clocks were made and offered only to NAWCC members. They were sold and delivered in 1976. The serial number of this clock is 324. It was a one owner clock and although now over 42 years old, is perfect, never ran unless testing to make sure it ran. It came to us in 2011 from the Keith Estate and we sold it in 2012. It has now come to us from the second owner's Estate. The movement is 8 day, time only, and weight driven. It is properly signed and stamped everywhere just as the originals were. It is a walnut case, 33” high, with proper door latch, glasses, dial, and hands, all identical to an original ca 1880 Howard figure 8. This model has been sold at several auctions, always bringing from $2500 to $3500. We have seen the original No. 10’s sell at auctions for up to $15,000. No wonder these reproductions are so popular. They don’t come any nicer than this one. $1500-$2000


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10.           $450

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Office Calendar No. 4”, ca 1875. The rosewood veneered case is 28” high, clean, polished, all original, and as good as they come. It has all the ornament buttons around the door, and two original painted dials. It is unusual to find the old Seth Thomas clocks that do not have a lot of paint problems on the dials. There are a couple of paint chips on the calendar dial. There is a complete label on the back of the door and a door hook on the side of the case. The label has a notation of the date it was put in operation by the first owner, it says, “Sept 1st, 1875”. The 8 day time only spring movement is running and the calendar is functioning properly as it also perpetual and accurate even for leap years. Inside behind the calendar movement is another label of instructions.  It has the correct pendulum bob, an old key, and three original hands. Ly-Calendar, page 249. $1000-$1500.

17.           $500

 Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Office Calendar No. 6”, ca 1888. Everything on and in the clock is probably original, great black label on the door, two original repainted dials, good glasses, old pendulum bob, original calendar rolls, and two original movements behind the dials. The calendar rolls are not very dark, but that is the way they always are if original. Minute, hour, and calendar hands are original. Not long ago we could be talking $1200-$1500 for this clock, in this condition. The factory stamped the date made on many of their clocks. The date on this one is 1888. The Seth Thomas calendar clocks have 8 day movements in them and this one has been serviced and is running properly. The walnut case is 32 inches tall, clean, polished, and in super nice condition.  Ly-Calendar, page 250-251. $500-$750.

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19.           $350

Ansonia Clock Co. rare oak hanging clock, “Queen Isabella”, ca 1904. I have never owned this model before and have sold hundreds of Ansonia clocks. This is another great clock from the Ohio collection of several hundred super clocks that came to us just before Christmas 2017. They all were in running condition and only repaired if something was askew. This 38 ½ inch high case has the original alligatored finish, several carved pieces, lots of jig saw pieces, and the original dial and hands, pendulum, wood stick, and most of the paper label on the back. The dial is signed two places, has some stains but is all there. The movement is 8 day, spring, time and striking half hours on a gong, and running strong. Ly-Ansonia #624. $400-$600.


21.           $300

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Signet V.P.”, ca 1880. We see so few of this model we forget it is an early wall clock. At first glance it has a modern or art deco appearance. This may be  the first and only Signet I have ever sold. I sold it to this collector in the January 2001 auction for $717. He had the dial repainted to be identical to the Signet pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas #1027. The 23” walnut case is excellent, all trim pieces are original as is the nice finish. Inside is a complete black label, original brass pendulum bob and a key.    Very good glasses and black trim in strategic places for effect. The movement is 8 day, spring driven, time only and running briskly. I wish I could keep it. This rare model had a short production cycle, 1880-1885.  $750-$1000.

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