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30.           $500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 2”, ca 1887. The old oak case is near perfect, 36 inches high and made with good solid oak. Considering the clock may have been used somewhere other than a residence, it is miraculous that the clock is in such pristine condition. More amazing is the dial condition. A clock this old, especially a Seth Thomas clock, normally will have a lot of paint chips. There are a couple of chips with touch up paint and a few tiny chips outside the dial ring, but overall a very nice 140 year old dial.  You will note the 8 day movement is a typical time only signed brass movement and is running, All the brass is very clean and shining, clock is running, very nice label inside, and hands are  normal ST hands. Bezel with glass latches, bottom door is locked with the winding key. A very good looking clock, and priced considerably below the current selling prices for No. 2’s. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 274-278. $600-$900.


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33.           $1200

George B. Hatch, Attleboro, Mass. Number 5 wall regulator in very nice condition, ca 1870. This clock is often called a banjo for that is primarily what Hatch made. Weight driven 8 day banjo type movement has been serviced and is in good operating condition. The original dial has excellent paint. I cannot call it repainted for everything else about the clock is near perfect also. The black and gold glass is excellent as well. Correct wood stick and brass bob, and the hands are of the type that were or would have been on this clock. The iron weight (banjo type) and the baffle board, are excellent and original. The rosewood grained case is near perfect with a beautiful polish finish, latches on top and bottom doors. In good condition this model generally sells for $5000 and up. This one is better than good condition so should I expect to get $5000. $1500-$2000.

32.           $500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Office Calendar No. 7”, ca 1884. Two perfect labels inside the case, a black and gold one on the door and a white one on the backboard with instructions for the calendar movement. Models No. 4, 6, and 7, are very similar in looks and confused by many collectors. The walnut case of this model is 26.5” high, it is clean, in very good condition, and has all its original veneer and button ornaments on the door. Both dials have been repainted, the three hands are the correct type, and the calendar roller paper is old. Most Seth Thomas dials do not look near this nice after 130 years. The upper movement is 8 day, time only, signed and running. The calendar movement and all the lower parts are correct and functioning. It really bothers me to price Seth Thomas calendar clocks this low. In my opinion the most attractive and best quality of any calendar clocks ever made. Ly-Calendar #608; Ly-Seth Thomas, page 96. $650-$900.



31.           $750

“Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., Ithaca, NY”, wall clock named, “Hanging Steeple” ca 1877. It has an 8 day spring, time and striking movement and a perpetual calendar mechanism. The movement is signed “E. N. Welch, Forestville, Conn. Manufactured for the Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.” The walnut case is 31 ˝ inches tall, retaining the original finish with a nice shine. Complete label on the back, two good replacement dials that are many years old just not original, probably original calendar rollers, correct hands, nickel pendulum bob, and a lot of nice wood work around the dials. It was reported that the very tip of the base “may be a later replacement but extremely well done and matched to the case”. I believe the clock was once the “Shelf Steeple” model that was converted to a “Hanging Steeple”, (supposed to have two finials on the base) so it is priced accordingly. No matter which model it is, it is a very rare clock. I have never sold a Hanging Steeple, and sold only one Shelf Steeple in 45 years. Ly-Calendar, page 153. $800-$1200.


45.           $400

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 2”, ca 1890. Near perfect 36.5” oak case, very clean, polished, ready to hang and enjoy. All wood case parts and internal parts appear to be original to each other. The metal dial was repainted and looks like new. Thankfully many buyers want their dials to look like new. It is signed in two places, and has three correct hands. The signed 8 day movement is running, the pendulum, pendulum stick, brass weight, and beat scale, are all correct. A complete and very good label is inside on the base. You are probably tired of me touting that this is America’s most collected clock. There must be one in every home. They are also the best made clock, never need repairs or service if you treat them as you should. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 277. $500-$750.

This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.
This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.