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68.           $500

Chelsea Clock Co. “No. 1 Pendulum”, office regulator in quarter sawn oak, ca 1898. We have a good looking 34” high oak case that looks to be all original and is complete. Correct door latches and glasses are original. The 8 day movement is original to the case, signed, and is running. The serial number on the movement is 11026. Dates on the complete label on the back of the door are 1907 and 1908. Probably some repair person did something to the clock. The brass pendulum bob and wood stick are correct, and the iron weight is correct. The dial was professionally repainted. The pendulum tie down and baffle board over the weight are like new. The door latches do not work to my satisfaction but I am not a repairperson so did not tinker with them. I get the impression that this clock was in an industrial setting, more dirty than a home would be. I am going by the case back which is very smoky. It can sure be improved but maybe not to the $3000 value that it was just a few years ago. Ly-American, Volume 1, page 78. $600-$900.


69.           $1000

Waterbury Clock Company, “Regulator No. 67”, ca 1906. Dark oak case is 50” tall, retaining the original finish, dark with smoke accumulation, but is clean. There are pressed designs on the top rail, ripple molding below that, and several layers of other molding. The large door has ripple molding all around. There are two door hooks and a large glass. We cannot say for sure the glass is original. The base has applied wood ornaments. The signed dial is holding its original paint with light touchup around the three screw holes. The brass bob, wood stick, signed porcelain beat scale, and brass pulleys, are all original. It has a complete label on the inside bottom of the case. The 8 day time only movement is running. The iron weights are coated with varnish making it impossible to tell if they have imitation graining underneath the varnish. The only demerit is scuff marks on the backboard where the pendulum banged around during hauling.  Ly-Waterbury #573. $1250-$1500.


70.           $750

Ansonia Clock Co. “Santa Fe”, a double weight time only eight day movement in a large 52 inch walnut case, ca 1904. It has carvings, turnings, etchings from top to bottom, full turned columns on the sides and everything with a dark stain. It is probably a little darker than when new but it is clean and polished and very attractive in the dark case. The large 8 day weight driven movement is running. The beat scale is signed by Ansonia, weights, pendulum and wood stick are original. The pendulum ball is signed, “F. J. Hulkenberg” and I would assume is the name of some former owner for the name Hulkenberg does not show up in any clock publications that I can find. The nice painted metal dial has the Ansonia insignia in the center and has their name and address on the bottom. Ly-Ansonia, pages 174-175. $800-$1200.

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72.           $750

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 6”, ca 1885. This valuable clock case has not been cleaned and restored. That does not mean that it is in bad condition, I suspect it is because everything was pretty nice and he chose to leave it that way. All the internal parts, such as the 8 day time only movement, pendulum, weight, beat scale, practically a complete black label, painted dial, and the hands, all appear original to the case. The pendulum, weight, beat scale, dial ring, and even all the screw heads inside the case are nickeled. The dial is signed and the paint is original. None of the nickel parts have been polished. The door glass has been replaced and Bubba appears to have struggled nailing the wood strips in place. There are two key door locks, four perfect and correct finials as nice as any Seth Thomas made. If I were to keep this clock I would lightly clean and polish the nice case. Every time I get a No. 6 in here I want to keep it. Not only are they very attractive but they use the same movement found in the Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulators and that means they never wear out, they just keep on running. If you follow our auctions you know in the past we have sold Regulator No. 6’s in several recent auctions, fetching anywhere between $5000 and $10,000. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 284. $1000-$1500.

71.           $500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 30”, ca 1975. Golden oak case is a reproduction and copied from an original Seth Thomas clock. It is clean and polished as you would expect. It is 49” long, complete, and has no damaged parts. It came to us from the collector’s wall where it had been providing excellent timekeeping and personal enjoyment for many years. The painted dial is near perfect, and has three correct and original hands. The dial ring is polished, so is the weight, pendulum bob, and beat scale. The wood stick and all other accessories including the door locks, movement mounts, and the 8 day movement are all replicas of Seth Thomas stock. A very nice reproduction. Ly-Seth Thomas #306. $750-$1000.

This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.
This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.