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89.           $500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. hanging clock, “Panama”, ca 1880. Original walnut case is 30” high, complete, has the original finish, and is near perfect considering the age of the clock, but it will have the usual edge nick or age spot. It has a clean polished look but there is still a little black smoke in the grooves and corners. Most will prefer that smoky look rather than a refinished look. There are buttons, applied ornaments and other fancy wood work on the case, all are original and intact. It has a damascened pendulum bob, wood stick, large Cathedral gong, original painted dial, and hands. The dial is signed, the 8 day movement is signed, and it still has the Geneva stops. The movement is clean and is running and striking properly. This has always been a popular model with collectors and we get very few of them. Ly-Seth Thomas #1031. $650-$900.


93.           $600

Lenzkirsch RA wall clock, ca 1880. Walnut veneered case is 33” tall, carved top and tail, finials top and bottom, three glasses, and ebony trim on the top, base, finials, and case edges. Two piece porcelain dial, porcelain RA bob insert, and porcelain beat scale. The hands are fancy, bob is brass and nickel, and an old key is included. The brass 8 day movement is mounted to a brass backboard mounting bracket. The bracket is signed, “D.R.P. / 9 Feb 1878”. A coil gong is mounted to the same bracket. The movement is signed, “Lenzkirsch / A.U.G. / 304682”.  This clock is similar to many others pictured and written about in the book, “Lenzkirsch Clocks / The Unsigned Story”, by George A. Everett. $600-$900.

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95.           $1200

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “No. 11 Regulator”, ca 1891. You will not have to hide this 50” high walnut clock. It is clean and polished, and ready to hang and enjoy. If it hung in a house where there was coal smoke, this clock does not show those signs. Original putty around the side glasses, door glass probably a replacement. There is considerable detailed woodwork on the case and it is all original and complete. The only thing about the clock that may need some explanation is the delicate wood work on top of the case. I checked back thru past auctions and noticed that the tops on the Gilbert 11’s I have sold were not all the same. In Ly-Gilbert two No. 11’s are pictured and the tops are different. One thing I have learned in 50 years of selling clocks is that all models of a clock are not necessarily the same. I have extra pictures of No. 11 tops so you can check yourself. The movement is original to the case and there is no evidence it has even been messed with. The weights, pendulum bob, wood stick, three hands, two piece signed dial, and coil gong appears to be correct and original. In the No. 11’s I have had previously both cords went to the top right of the case, one came down, the other went across the case top then descended. In this one each weight goes straight up to the rollers on each side of the case. Ly-Gilbert #353. $1500-$2000.

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91.           $550

Waterbury Clock Company, hanging clock, Calendar No. 33”, ca 1908. dark 39” high Walnut case is 39 inches high, dark but clean and polished, apparently has the original finish. This case is complete and all original with the possible exception of the glass. The glass is old ? but with new wood strips. Both dials I believe are paper, with some aging, minor stain and discoloration on the time dial, slight stains around the screws holding the calendar dial, none of which is hardly worth mentioning. The top dial is signed, will not swear either are original. Original pendulum bob, signed porcelain beat scale, and three correct hands. The calendar rolls are not very dark. There are three labels on the back, two about 100% , the third about 75% remaining. There is a nice, complete label inside. Waterbury went all out for labels. The movement is 8 day, time, strike, and running. There is also a signed Waterbury key.   Ly-Waterbury #277. Ly-Calendar #711. This clock has booked for over $2000 for several years. $750-$1000.



96.           $1500

“E. Howard & Co., Boston”, No. 28 Marble Dial clock, ca 1874. This rare clock has a signed movement with recoil escapement. The movement is signed, “E. Howard & Co. Boston 28”. The 8 day bell striking movement has a counter weight inside the movement for the minute hand. The movement is in good running condition and came to us for a consignor who has pampered the clock for several years. The weight is inside the case, did not, will not, disassemble to take a picture. The 30 inch white marble case is in very good original condition with only minimal wear to the numerals and as you can see the dial signature is very strong. There are no chips or marble breaks and with the original flicker in the base of the case to start the pendulum while the clock is hanging on the wall. On top of the case, behind the front slab, is a slow faster adjuster. The pendulum is visible thru the lower section with black and gold leaf painting. I have rarely sold a Howard marble, thankfully, for they are very heavy and usually have broken pieces of marble. This is surely one of the few that remains very nice throughout. Ly-American Clocks, Volume 1, page130. $1750-$2500.

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