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99A.           $3500

“Foster S. Campos / Pembroke, Mass.”, mahogany tall case clock, ca 2002. Mr. Campos made a great many clocks of this same style that he called “Grandmother Clock”. They were 60 inches tall and made in the Roxbury style inlaid cases. Those clocks generally sold in the $3500 range. Our clock is the same style but is 88 inches tall. We have been told by knowledgeable sources that he made less than a half dozen of this model and they are rarely if ever seen for sale. The case has his usual date and serial number markings. This one is marked 3 and 02, meaning the third one made, and it was made in 2002. He used foreign movements; this one has an English 8 day bell strike movement with the usual large iron weights. His name is on the dial and on the case. There are fan inlays on the waist and base with other brass inlays over the case, fret trim on the hood, and brass on the quarter columns. The clock came to us with an outstanding collection of rare clocks. It was running before making the journey to Kentucky and there is no reason it should not continue running for many years. It is a keeper, I only wish I had room. $4000-$6000.


99B.           $500

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “No. 11 Regulator”, ca 1891. We have sold a good many of this model over the years always with great success for it has always been a popular clock. This clock may not be the finest of this model we have sold but there is loads of money making potential for a woodworker. The 50” high case is made of solid cherry and has not been loved like most No. 11’s we have sold. The problems I see are not major. Four of the wood balls on top and five small wood strips below the balls, are missing. All the other wood parts of the case look to be original, no repairs or new parts visible. Some of the wood work is very detailed and most unusual. There is a door lock on the side, old winding crank, pair of iron weights and brass pendulum with the original wood stick. The weights run the clock okay but are not correct. I did not hang the weights for the picture. The paper dial is a replacement and I cannot vouch for the hands. The movement is 8 day, time and strike, mounted to a large iron back plate, and is powered by the two weights that descend each side of the case. The weight cords are wound around one spool on the bottom of the movement, then the cords go up to the top right, one crossing over the top of the movement to the left side, then both descend each side of the case. As you know we have always sold this model, in very nice condition, around $2500-$3500. Ly-Gilbert, page 135. $750-$1000.



99E.           $2500

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, printed on the label of this hanging, “Regulator No. 1 Extra”, ca 1865. I have several early trade catalogs dating back to 1863, and this model was pictured in the 1863 catalog. The Thomaston or Plymouth Hollow on the label also dates the clock back to the 1860’s. Rosewood veneered case is 44” high, complete with all original parts and one of the nicest No. 1 Extra’s I have ever offered for sale. It has been in my collection of near perfect Seth Thomas clocks that I thought I would never sell. On the outside are the doors with original glass, key locking lower door taking a male end key, and a locking knob on the bezel. The veneer is exceptional and if repairs have been made to the case, and it is reasonable to think there were, I cannot detect them. The only change I see to the entire clock is a Dial House repainted dial. The hands, special brass bob with engraved picture of the ST factory, gold stick, male end key, sliding weight partition, beat scale, and the two old weights, are all near perfect and original. The 8 day time and strike movement is identical to the movement pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas #846-A. Other photos of the No. 1 Extra are on pages 272-273. This clock had been hanging in the home of a long time collector until removed to our location where it has been in my collection. Mr. Ly’s panel of experts gives the No. 1 Extra Time and Strike with the special pendulum bob, a book value of $5000 (in 2005). Our experience has shown that this model in excellent condition should bring $4000-$6000 (in 2005). Some of my family hopes this clock does not sell. $2500-$3500.



99F.           $800

Ansonia Clock Co. wall clock, “Prompt”, ca 1901. One hundred percent original walnut or mahogany case, 50” high, has no repairs or new wood. I can usually distinguish between walnut and mahogany, but this case is smoky dark, has not been cleaned or polished in a while, but I am going to go with walnut. I can see the wood grain plainly, but not the wood color clearly. As you can see there is a large glass in the door and side glasses. All the clock parts are unquestionably original, the 8 day two weight time movement, signed two piece dial with seconds dial, three hands, pendulum bob, wood stick, and a signed beat scale. The movement is signed and is in running condition but the left weight cord is not in the pulley groove. Don’t wind it until you put it in the groove.  If you want an original clock, this one is certainly all original. Ly-Ansonia #599. $1000-$1500.


99G.           $2000

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 20”, ca 1909. A very large mahogany finished case that stands 62” high and is more than one man can handle. For the most part it is 100% original. It has been polished with some of the modern products that also take some of the smoke off the wood. The books say the tops were made to be removed if a plain top is desired. My top is identical to the original in every respect, including the type screws used to hold the finials and top in place for it is removable if you like the flat top better. The large movement is mounted to an iron bracket, it is 8 day time only with Graham dead beat escapement and maintaining power. Large brass covered zinc ball (pendulum to us), long wood rod, knurled brass weight, brass pulley, and brass beat scale, are all original. The brass dial ring matches the other brass accessories. There are three correct hands, and the 14” painted dial, are also original. The signed dial has some flaking pretty well all over. In good condition this clock will usually sell for $5000 or more. (Used to) Ly-Seth Thomas, page 304. $2500-$3000.

This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.
This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.
This clock has one or more duplicates in this auction - click here to see the duplicates.