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4.           $250

Reproduction miniature “Laterndluhr”, signed by the maker in 3 different places, on the dial, “C. E. Beacham III / in Sisters, on the beat scale, “Beacham’s Clock Co.”, and on the back, “No. 329, C. E. Beacham III, 1988”. It is a magnificent 26-inch-high case with wood I cannot describe unless it is a very light walnut. Note the inlay around the 4 clock sections from top to base. It has 9 beveled glasses, three on each side and the front. Signed porcelain dial and apparently a pair of special made hands. Two hinged doors on the front, brass pendulum bob and wood stick, brass weight, and a clean as a pin 8-day time only brass movement. Gosh, what a clock, a definite keeper. This clock was purchased at an east coast auction by the previous owner, for over $800. $300-$500.


30.           $750

Junghans, Germany, R A wall clock with unusually large bell on the tail of the clock. I thought I had seen every imaginable creation of a clock until now. The nickel bell is about 6 inches in diameter. A long wire from the movement pulls the bell strike each hour. The mahogany case is no slouch itself for it is 42 inches tall and covered with finials, columns, and many applied ornaments. It has three glasses, removable top piece, and a very nice, typical, RA pendulum. The 8-day movement is signed, running and striking the bell the number of hours as it should. $750-$1000.


41.           $3000

German Black Forest cuckoo clock, ca 1890. The linden wood heavily carved case is 48 inches tall, including the antlers, 45 inches with antlers removed, 24 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The moose deer head on top is quality carved with good detail as are the other carvings. The 8 ½ inch dial has good numbers and fancy original bone hands. It has old pine cone weights and old 21-inch-long pendulum with two carved leaves for the pendulum bob. There is also a good hand-carved bird. The nicely hand carved wood antlers are not old but were made correctly. There are a few small cracks repaired with some leaf tips repaired. The overall condition is very good for a clock this old and this size. It has a one-day time and strike movement that is running. It is not often we get an old quality Black Forest clock of this size offered for sale. I looked back thru old auction catalogs and saw that we used to sell one or two dozen nice cuckoo clocks every auction, but these days we are lucky to have one for sale. A good reference book is “Black Forest Clocks” by Rick Ortenburger. I sold this same clock for over $5000 several years ago. $3000-$4000.


42.           $200

Kienzle/German Vienna two weight regulator, ca 1929. The company was founded in 1787 and passed down thru the family and still in operation today. The 39-inch-high oak case is exceptionally nice, clean, and polished. It has beveled glass in the lower part of the door, a flat glass over the dial, and small round glasses on the sides. The dial, pendulum bob, beat scale and weights are all nickeled while the dial surround and pulleys are brass. The 8-day movement is running and it strikes three chime rods. The wall levelers on this clock are inside the case and easily turned to level the clock. Excellent clock for this minimum. $250-$400.



56.           $1000

Large oval shaped cuckoo clock, ca 1865-1880. The age of the clock was determined by examining the nice detail of the early carved wood bird sitting on a wood platform, the wire linkage, and the exceptional carvings. Large deer head with carved wood antlers, carved dogs head and horn on the bottom, fox and bird on the sides. All carvings are highly detailed and very intricately carved. Replaced backboard with an old gong. The movement has been cleaned and is running great. The case is about 43 inches high including the antlers. There are some professional repairs to broken antlers and a few other carvings. Overall the cuckoo is in excellent condition. You can enlarge the picture on the internet site to examine the movement and bird more closely. This cuckoo was previously sold in the $2000 range. $1250-$1500.

81.           $2500

French Mystery double statue clock with swinging pendulum, ca 1867. Most observers think the pendulum is a torsion, or rotates like a conical pendulum. In fact, it is neither, but is a true mystery movement. The movement is 8-day and it is running. This clock has a ball top on which the brass dial numerals and gold hands are attached. It stands almost 22 inches high. Holding the movement aloft are two bronzed cast white metal figures that are called “Harvest Queen”. All are on a metal base with metal designs and attached ornaments. It has the original finish that is near perfect. Note the balls and base have a green shade. $3000-$5000.


82.           $850

French Empire, ormolu figural bronze mantel clock, ca 1830. It has good gilding with minor loss. I cannot decide what she is but her official name is, “Reminisce”. She is admiring or pondering about a jewel in her hand. Whatever she is, she is beautifully outfitted, hair is perfect, and she has all her fingers and toes. On top of the clock there is a book. It has a perfect metal dial, tinted brown, with gold numerals and pair of French hands. The clock is 21 inches tall and has all its original pieces and parts. The 8-day movement is typical of most French movements, round, outside count, and bell strike. It has a correct pendulum. Nothing is signed but it is typical of French clocks from this era. They had some screwy laws that prohibited them from using makers names and other information. The only provenance I have is that the clock came from an aristocratic family estate in Chicago and had been in the family for generations and believed to have been brought to the US by the emigrating family. $1000-$2000.


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88.           $1000

Scottish Drum Top, Round Dial, flame mahogany floor clock, probably made about 1810-1820. It stands 80 inches high and is 20 inches wide at the very bottom. Wood bezel with flat glass over the dial. Key lock on the big door, but no key. Wonderful mahogany veneer over the entire case, some like flame mahogany. Painted iron dial is 13” in diameter, numerals strengthened, two good early Scottish hands, two smaller hands are not a match. The dial is too nice to be 200 years old, surely was repainted at some time. The 8-day brass movement has a large coil gong behind the movement, large iron weights, brass bob, and iron pendulum rod. The tapered pillars in this movement are typical of those found in Scottish movements. The bonnet does not slide off as is the case in some Scottish clocks, but the hinged bezel raises to allow the dial and movement to be removed thru the Drum top. The books indicate it is possible that this round dial movement could be as early as 1770, for these clocks were made in Scotland from the mid 1700’s thru the mid 1800’s. $1000-$2000.


90.           $300

Dutch Hood hanging clock, ca 1750-1790. We don’t see many of this style these days, possibly because collectors paid $2500 and up a few years ago and these days they sell a little over 1/10 of that so they are holding onto them. This style clock was made in Holland and back then was a very popular style. The wood case is 51 inches tall and appears to be all original. There are painted side glasses on the bonnet, good painted metal dial, original hands, metal pendulum (not pictured as it is behind the bottom partition), and the original chains and weight. The weight is not pictured as it was difficult to hang in the location I had to photograph the clock case. The bonnet slides forward to remove, the pendulum is then easily hung on the back of the movement. The 30-hour movement is running, striking a bell, and has an alarm. Note the nice painted scene on top of the dial and the gilt figures on the four dial corners. $500-$1000.

Side view



110.           $200

English round top Post Office clock with large time only fusee movement, ca 1890. Solid oak case is 19 inches high, and in excellent condition.  The wood bezel has an OG roll, heavy brass bezel holding the flat glass. Case top is pegged to the box and has hinged doors on each side as well as a latching hinged door on the bottom. Glass is in a brass frame. Original painted iron dial is flat, has no paint problems. The letters and numerals on the dial designate the Post Office and its location in the city. Correct pendulum bob and old English winding key. 8-day chain fusee movement is complete and in operating condition. $250-$350.