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138.           $250

French hanging clock with 8-day time and strike movement, ca 1880. It strikes on a coil gong attached to a metal cover over the movement. The solid plate movement is signed with a logo. Initials inside the logo are “C F” or “F C”, which I would guess is one of the Freres clock makers of that era. The back of the case is covered with a metal plate which I removed for the picture. The minute hand is broken and will need to be soldered or better to get a pair of French hands from Timesavers. The wood case is 28 inches tall, has numerous brass decorations top to bottom, some sections with carved designs, and a removable top. It was running when I hung for the picture.  $300-$500.



139.           $275

German Oswald Genie, an extremely rare carved wood clock, not composition as so many of the later ones are. The Oswald sticker is underneath. This model original had a wood tray held in the Genie’s outstretched hands. The collector who sells Genie clocks thru our auctions says the wood trays are available on EBay, and unfortunately you cannot tell if they are original or not. The excellent carved case is 8 inches high, clean and complete. The Oswald clocks have 30-hour movements that wind and set on the back. The movement is running and the eyes are rotating properly. The rotation of the left eye shows the hour, the right eye the minutes. $300-$450.


137.           $200

English fusee shelf clock. No signature on the dial or movement, at least on the back plate of the 8-day wire fusee movement. The nice substantial wood case is 14 ½ inches tall and 12 inches wide, and appears to be all original. It has some age, I would guess 100-150 years old. The large brass pendulum is correct and the movement is 8-day, time only. The brass bezel and bowed glass are covering the 6-inch brass dial with recessed numerals and original hands. A large hinged, key locking back door has an original glass so you can view the movement. $250-$350.



193.           $50

“The Clock Peddler”, has been made in Germany since 1880 or before. Ours is a more modern German version, post WWII, made of cast iron and painted in many colors. The small pendulum movement clock has the key, weights, pendulum, good dial and hands, and is running. This one is 16 inches tall. We have seen them sell for $4400 in east coast auctions, probably a little different than ours. $100-$200.


194.           $50

“The Clock Peddler”, a carved version, similar to those made in the Black Forest for blinking eye clocks. This one is carrying a 30-hour time only clock, with others on his back over a music box. It comes with a small pendulum and winding key and the music box is complete and signed “Made in Germany”. The base has signatures, “K.G. Germany” and “KEN.L”. The backplate has the number “7” written on it. $100-$200.




197.           $350

French marble clock, ca 1880. What you see in the picture is wonderful, and a shot of the back would be the same. Over the front are some outstanding bronze ornaments, especially the bronze ornament just below the dial showing several cherubs. There are    ornaments around the glass, two bronze columns on each end, and different colored marble on the base and around the dial. Perfect marble dial ring around the sash, porcelain dial ring and brass inner dial with Brocot escapement, and a super pair of French hands. Beveled glass in the brass sash rounds out the front. Hinged metal door over the movement in back and at the bottom behind the glass is a large piece of hinged marble held with a latch. Typical round French movement, signed, “A. D. Mougin” who was one of France’s best clockmakers in the second half of the 17th century. It strikes half hours on a large nickel bell. One of the finest French marble clocks we have had in a while. $400-$750.


201.           $750

English skeleton clock, an ordinary London made clock with single fusee, scrolled design and fretted dial, ca 1860. It is a striking clock, one at the hour, or “passing strike” as they are commonly called. The clock is 16” high including the original wood base. With the original glass shade in place it is 19” high. The movement is in perfect running condition and strikes the hours one time each hour. All parts of the clock are original with exception of the winding key, of that we cannot be sure. There is some minor paint loss on the fretted dial. It is off white, and the pair of hands are black. We could not find a name or mark anywhere on the clock. This clock, or one very nearly like it, is pictured in the book, “Skeleton Clocks”, by F. B. Royer-Collard. $750-$1000.



203.           $200

French table clock in a brass case standing 17 inches high. Several pieces of cast brass are attached to the main brass case and adorn the clock on all four sides, top to bottom, including the four large feet. The large pieces of cast brass on the sides and front, depict some mean looking mythical Gods, I would assume. On the bezel are cast images and a cast figure on the base. There is a nice beveled glass in the sash covering the dial that is composed of cartouche numerals and in the center are two cartouche pieces bearing the signature of the selling dealer, “Alex M. Hays & Co. / New York”. On the case back is a large brass hinged door with cutouts and cloth covering. The round French 8-day movement is not signed is running and striking half hours on a nickel bell. Everything appears to be original and in fine condition. $750-$1000.


161.           $25

European cottage clock (German, Swiss ?) in a simple 11 ½ inch case with painted glass, original dial and hands, one day unsigned movement, and pendulum. The label is typical for some of these early European clocks, it says only, “Diligens vincitomnia”, a Latin term with a multitude of meanings. Clock runs. $25-$50.

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164.           $25

Two clocks. 1. A European cottage clock, same label as #161, different case style, old glass and dial, one day time, strike, and alarm movement. Nice early cottage clock.  2. Maker unknown, 9 ¼ inch cottage clock, 30-hour time only movement, replaced dial, no label. $25-$50.