Clocks 708-717
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708.           $100

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, one of their earliest City Series clocks, “Cincinnati”, ca 1875. Notice this round top case with straight sides is almost identical to many other cases ST made in those early days. They added the columns and finials and had a new style, using the old style. This case is walnut, stands 16 inches tall, black trim around the base and top and of course the columns and finials that have been repainted at some time. The tablet is a replacement, metal dial repainted, good label, coil gong, old pendulum, and key locking door. There may be a recent cutout for the door latch. The movement is running and striking hours on the gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 189. $100-$200.



709.           $50

 “Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with an 8-day time and alarm movement, ca 1880. This 9-inch walnut veneered case has a flat top, round base, and some packing goop on the front that I failed to wipe off before taking the picture, sorry. This one has gold around the glasses, correct door latch, and a new paper dial on the old pan. The glasses, brass pendulum, brass alarm bell, separate alarm movement, and an 8-day movement. It is their “U” movement and is original. It is running and the alarm is functioning. Both the movement and the label are signed by ST as being located at Thomaston, Conn. $750-$150.



710.           $25

Ansonia Clock Co. miniature cottage clock. I am going to guess that the 10-inch-high case was made partly with rosewood and partly with other woods, maybe oak, not sure. The glass looks like it came in the case but the gold edging may have been added at some time, the glass is just too nice to be over 100 years old. The paper dial is a replacement, same with the hands, pendulum and key. It has a round one-day, time only movement. $25-$50.



711.           $25

 “Ansonia Brass Co., Ansonia, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock that is complete, original, and in very nice condition, ca 1854. This is an early clock by Ansonia in a mahogany veneered case that has a couple of chips on the base, gold painted door, original door latch, brass pendulum bob and an original painted dial. The movement is time only and running. The paper label is almost perfect, hard to believe it could be that nice after 160 or 170 years. $50-$100.



712.           $50

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature round top, round base, cottage clock. Thomaston and ST shown on the movement and base. The dial was poorly repainted and will need to have the Roman numerals redone. Complete label, iron bell, pendulum and key are inside. The 30-hour “Q” movement is running, the bell is for the alarm to strike. The bezel has new gilt paint. $100-$150.

713.           $25

 “Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co., Winsted, Conn.”, mantel clock “Cottage”, ca 1875. Excellent rosewood veneered case is 17” high, has the correct door knob, small painted glass, gold designs painted on the wood lower door around the oval glass, and it has the turned wood medallions. Just a super clock, clean, and a like new case but it did suffer some tiny veneer chips on the base during transportation. Original dial was repainted, correct hands, complete label, brass pendulum bob, coil gong, and an eight-day movement that is running and striking.  Ly-Gilbert #1065. $50-$100.


714.           $50

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, round top, round base, ca 1875. The 9-inch high case is made of mahogany veneer that is near perfect, clean and polished, has the original door knob/latch, a flat glass and brass sash. The metal dial was repainted, there is a complete paper label signed by ST at Thomaston, and the movement is signed the same. It has good spade hands, brass pendulum bob, and key. The one-day movement is time only and is running. $50-$100.


715.           $50

“Winterhalder & Hofmeier, Friedenweiler, Germany”, miniature cottage clock, flat top, beveled base, stands 9 3/8 inches high, ca 1927. The mahogany case is excellent, has a latching door, some wood inlay on the door, and flat glass. The wood back is removable to access the movement and pendulum. The painted dial is excellent. The 30-hour time and alarm movement is signed. The movement is running and the alarm rings on a metal bell. $75-$150.


716.           $75

“Terry & Andrews, / Bristol, Conn.”, sharp gothic clock (steeple), ca 1842-1850. This partnership later moved to Ansonia, Conn. and became the Ansonia Clock Company. This 19-inch mahogany case is very nice, has no veneer issues, but perhaps a little dark, probably never cleaned. There are two good glasses; I believe the top one to be original, the bottom glass replaced. There is an escutcheon and lock in the door. Inside is an old pendulum, key, coil gong, and a good label. The old painted dial has some chips, mostly in the outside ring. The hands appear proper. The 8-day time and striking movement is operating properly and striking the coil gong each hour. $100-$150.


717.           $50

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with round top, and no door. You can hang the pendulum from underneath and remove the dial to check the one-day time, strike, and alarm movement. The time and strike springs are wound thru the dial and the alarm is wound thru the wood just above the base. The movement is their “K” type, it is running and performing properly. This is the first of this collector’s 350 clocks I am selling that does not have a perfect or very nice dial. I also believe the hands are replacements. The very nice rosewood case is 9-inches tall. There is a partial label on the back. $75-$150.

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