Clocks 728-737
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728.           $25

 “Gilbert Mfg. Co. Winsted, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, ca 1866. This rosewood veneered case is 9 3/8 inches tall, veneer is excellent, gold around the door, metal door latch, and probably replaced glasses. The painted metal dial is original, hands are new, old brass pendulum, iron bell, good label, and a 30-hour time and alarm movement that is running. $50-$100.



729.           $50

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with a flat top and OG base, ca 1865. The movement is their “L” type. I will call the veneer mahogany, but I am not sure. The gold around the door is spotty as is the veneer on the case. It is not like the veneer came off it is more like the finish peeled off to make some spots. The glasses, painted dial and pendulum, look to be original. Both the movement and label show Plymouth Hollow as the address. Unusual, the 30-hour, time only movement has a brass spring. $100-$150.


730.           $25

“Waterbury Clock Co.”, miniature cottage clock with round top and columns in front. The 10-inch walnut case is clean, complete, and original. Access to the pendulum is thru an opening underneath the case. The one-day time and alarm movement is running and the alarm rings on an iron bell. $50-$100.



731.           $75

“Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston, Conn.”, a City Series clock, “Boston”, ca 1884. Large factory date stamped on the back, “4881B”.  The walnut case is 21” high, clean, polished, and in excellent original condition, retaining all the original finials, attached buttons, top rail, etc. I suspect the case was very black and the collector cleaned it inside and outside, therefore the label is gone from the inside. The glass, hands, dial, and pendulum, are all original to this case. The dial is very nice for a ST dial. Seth Thomas built wonderful clocks but must have used cheap paint on their dials. It has nickeled dial rings, bell, pendulum hanger, and one of Seth Thomas special nickel pendulum bobs. The bob is signed in the center, “STCCo”. The lyre movement is 8-day, signed “Seth Thomas Clock Co. / Thomaston, Conn. USA”, retains the Geneva stops, running and striking the nickel bell each hour. Ly-Seth Thomas #511. $100-$200.



732.           $25

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature steeple clock, “Sharon-1924”, with an 8-day spring, strike, movement. They first introduced these miniature steeple clocks in 1924 and added electric movements to some in 1932. This mahogany case is 14 ¼ inches high, in fine condition with a possibility that the finials are replacements, not sure. Excellent and original glasses, dial, hands, pendulum, coil gong, and the No. 89 brass movement. Ly-Seth Thomas #2300. $50-$100.

733.           $300

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, calendar clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1872. Ly-Welch #98 and Ly-Calendar #847 show the Italian models at 16 inches tall, this model is 18 ½ inches tall. I notice one sold at a live auction recently that was 19 ½ inches that was identical to this clock and they called it a variant. It is 8-day, spring driven, time, strike and B. B. Lewis patent calendar shelf clock in a rosewood case. It is running, of course, and the calendar is operating properly as well. There are two perfect labels inside, one on the backboard and one over the calendar movement. The dials are probably replacements as they are too nice to be original. The door latches, pendulum, hands, and coil gong all look to be original. Cannot swear the 5 hands are original but I suspect they are.  $400-$600.


734.           $50

Beautiful carved case like those made in the 1800’s. The walnut case is 28 inches tall, with carved eagle splat, carved pineapple finials, carved columns and carved paw feet. The 8-inch dial and painted tablet are very nice and also like the ones from the 1800’s. It has an 8-day brass movement that strikes on the half hours and hours. It runs but it would look very nice just displayed anywhere in your home. It is very attractive, inexpensive, and if all else fails you could sell the carved paw feet for about $100. $50-$100.


735.           $25

Welby Corporation, Germany, two weight wall clock with an art deco design. It has an 8-day movement that is running briskly and striking three chime rods. It has two very large brass weights and a brass pendulum and numerals. The movement is signed, and the backboard slides out of grooves in the case back.  2. German one-day cuckoo. Not an antique but more post WWII vintage. Runs strong and strikes on a coil gong on the backplate. Weights, pendulum, hands, and wood carvings are all original and in excellent condition. $25-$50.



736.           $25

Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn. miniature OOG, ca 1881. The rosewood case is 18 ¾ inches tall and in near perfect condition for its age. Most of its various parts are original that includes the dial, label, gong, bell, alarm movement, and the 30-hour running movement. The tablet decoration is a replacement. The clock is running and striking the coil gong. Ly-Waterbury, pages 394-395. $25-$50.



737.           $25

“Germany-Stockburger Royal Navy Brass Ships Clock”, on an oval decorative wood mounting plate. The name on the 5 ½ inch metal dial is, “Stockburger / Made In Germany”. It is in excellent condition and the 8-day movement is running and striking on the half hours. The strike can be silenced on the dial. The bezel can be latched on the side. It has a beveled glass in the sash. The clock is like new and probably not very old. $25-$50.

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