Clocks 768-777
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768.           $250

Chelsea Clock Co. ships clock, 8-day, house strike, case and movement have matching serial numbers. The dial is signed “Ball Watch Co. / Cleveland”. The bezel and case have been repaired – bezel is loose, not attached. Should be an easy fix for a repair person. The case is 6 1/8 in the front and 6 3/8 across the back. The serial number is, “100154” which dates the clock around 1912. The movement is running and striking. $300-$500.



769.           $75

Waterbury Clock Co. ships clock, “Motor Boat No. 2”, ca 1929. The brass case has a rim wind top, spokes, beveled glass over a silver dial signed, “Waterbury / 8-day Jeweled”. It is only 3 ¾ inches across the back, and 5 inches over the spokes. The movement is running. Ly-Waterbury #2058. $100-$200.



770.           $100

Chelsea Clock Co. ships clock, serial #518146 which dates it just after World War 2. It has an 8-day time only movement that is running. The dial is signed, “Chelsea Clock Co. Boston”. It is 4 5/8 inches across the spokes and 3 ¾ inches across the back. It is clean, polished, like new. $150-$300.


771.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. gallery clock, ca 1870’s or 1880’s. The complete label that covers the back reads, “Eight-Day LEVER / One and Eight Day Weight and Spring Mantel clocks / Office Regulators and Calendars / Fine Chronometer Levers / for Locomotives, etc. / Seth Thomas”. The good mahogany veneered case is 13 inches across the back, dial is just over 9-inches, correct hands, flat glass and brass bezel. The clock is running and striking. $100-$200.



772.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. hanging clock, “Round Drop”, ca 1920. The wood case (oak or rosewood) has the original very dark finish. It has never been cleaned, but has been kept polished. I cannot swear what wood it is but will go with oak. It is all original however, dial, hands, glasses, pendulum, good label, etc. The movement is 8-day time only, running and signed. Ly-Ansonia #716. $75-$150.



773.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. mantel clock, ca 1900. Named and pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas as “Eclipse”. Later day collectors named it, “Eclipse”, because that is the word on the brass pendulum, or “Balltop” which is pretty obvious. There are thousands of meanings for the 8-point star that is shown three different ways in the center of the Eclipse pendulum. I am confident the pendulum designer had a meaning in mind when he stamped the word, “Eclipse” on the pendulum and had the loose fitting 8 star insert in the center. Somehow I feel the Star and Eclipse go together. I have reported over many years that each of the “Balltop” cases is stamped with a number, the only ST clock numbered. This one is marked, “K2084”. I hope someone has kept track of the many I have reported over the years and figures out why they are stamped. The walnut case is 24 ½ inches high, clean, all original, super label inside, perfect glass, and an 8-day time, strike, and alarm movement. The alarm movement is in the bottom with a brass bell and a coil gong. This one is a keeper, as nice as they come. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 724. $200-$300.



774.           $100

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. walnut parlor clock, “Altai”, ca 1885. Fabulous walnut case is 20” high, cleaned on the front, some black in the grooves. Sides of the case are set at 45-degree angles, making the base appear to have four feet. Grooved designs all over, spools or barrels across the top. Perfect original spider web/curtain glass. Excellent label on the back and a signed brass pendulum. 8-day movement is clean and running. Cathedral gong, alarm movement that rings a brass cup bell, and an original paper dial. Ly-Gilbert #1093. $150-$300.


775.           $100

E. Ingraham & Co. hanging clock, “Reflector”, ca 1896. Rosewood case is near 30” high, has the original finish on the wood but has been lightly cleaned in places, left dark in some others. Whoever refinished the wood did a great job with some feeder/polish. A good portion of the gold and black painted ring around the lower glass is still intact. It has the correct bull’s eye brass pendulum and brass overlay on the pendulum hanger. This pendulum is correct for this clock. The dial pan was replaced and of course the dial paper is new. The 8-day movement is signed, and running properly.  It is a low of clock for the price. The pendulum should be worth $100. Ly-Ingraham #362. $150-$300.


776.           $150

New Haven Clock Co. hanging 30-day clock, “Tampico”, ca 1907. The oak case stands 43 inches high, and is pretty plain clock but does have a few frills on the top and base. I suppose the appeal to this clock is that you only wind it once a month. The movement has been serviced and is running properly. It is all original except for a new paper dial on the old dial pan. This one has a nice second dial, three original hands, original brass bob, wood stick, and fancy beat scale. Ly-New Haven #542. $200-$350.


777.           $25

“Smiths / London”, signed on the 12” painted dial of this 16” gallery clock. Clean, polished mahogany case is very nice, polished brass bezel with a flat glass, original hands, and a latching door on the base. The brass bezel is also held in place with a latch. The brass time only spring movement is 8-day. Overall in very nice condition. $50-$100.