Clocks 65-74

67.           $500

Welch, Spring & Co., “Eight-day Cary”, ca 1880. A mantel clock with a Patti movement, two thirds of the black label on the back, 20-inch-high rosewood case, slick cabinet finish that is polished and looks pristine. It has the correct Welch curved-side pendulum, excellent gold trim on the front glass, original side glasses, and overall just a beautiful and very rare case. The movement is the famous “Patti” 8-day time and strike, recognized by the X on the front and back plates. The movement is running nicely and strikes on a cup bell. This is one of the best-looking cases of the Patti group. Ly-Welch, page 148-150. $600-$900.



68.           $400

Welch, Spring & Co. “Patti No. 1”, ca 1880. The complete black and gold label on the back identifies this clock as the “Patti V.P.”, or visible pendulum. The polished walnut case is 18.5” high, complete with all the correct finials and the ornate turned columns on all four corners, it has the original finish that looks extremely nice and near perfect.  Great glass in the door with the gold designs around the edge, original side glasses, correct curved-side pendulum bob, black flocking on the backboard, and the original dial and hands.   Three good glasses, nickel bell, and the famous “Patti” 8-day movement that strikes hours on the bell. I would not call it mint or perfect for some may say it is not, but it is very nice.  Ly-Welch, pages 154-155 and 284-285. $500-$750.


66.           $750

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn. U.S.A.”, Gerster V.P. “Extremely Rare Variant”, ca 1879. Another of the near perfect Welch clocks from a collection we have been selling in recent auctions. This is an un-catalogued model having a number of common visual characteristics with the standard GERSTER V.P.  It is possible this clock was designed as a stand-alone version…perhaps archetype or prototype model that never achieved production status. My records over 45 years reveal I have never sold this model before nor have I ever seen one in another auction. The mahogany case is 17 ½ inches tall, polished, all original, no repairs or problems except the label on the back is near gone. Like the previous Gerster the front glass with the gold band is perfect.  The side panels on this model are polished mahogany, unlike the standard Gerster which have glass sides.  It has the nice Welch curved side pendulum, original Patti key, dial and hands, brass dial rings, and alarm built in the Patti 8-day movement. Alarm and hours sound on the same nickel bell. $850-$1100.

jan19_all_2003007.jpg jan19_all_2003006.jpg

69.           $300

E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn., walnut mantel clock, “Hatton”, ca 1885. The 23-inch-high case is very nice, has the original finish, slightly darkened as all woods tend to do, has carved flowers top and bottom, and etched designs front and sides. The glass is original as are the dial, hands, Cathedral gong, and fancy Welch pendulum. The 8-day movement is running and striking the gong each hour. This is only the second of this model I have ever sold and they were identical and had only one flower just above the dial. Ly-Welch #434 and the “E. N. Welch” book mentioned above, both picture the clock with 3 flowers just above the dial. Either the two models I have had, or their picture models, is a variant. In any case this clock is very rare. $300-$500.

65.           $500

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn. U.S.A. / Eight-day Gerster V.P.”, ca1879. Near mint rosewood case is 18 ½ inches high, rubbed to a smooth cabinet finish, and is complete and all original. There is a complete black label on the back, perfect front glass with a gold band, and original side glasses. Inside is a perfect Welch curved-side glass pendulum bob, original hands, original dial with brass rings, and an original Patti key that I had never seen in a Patti clock before. It has the famous Patti 8-day movement that is running perfectly and strikes a bell below the movement each hour. This is one of a series of perfect Welch clocks that we will be selling in this auction. Ly-Welch, page 149. $600-$900.



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70.           $300

E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn. walnut mantel clock, “Nevada”, ca 1885. There are stories surrounding all the Welch clock names. The book mentioned above has those stories and pictures. This 23-inch-high case is very nice, all original, and has had no repairs or replaced parts. The glass is original as is the Welch pendulum, gong base (coil missing), alarm movement and bell, and the 8-day time and strike movement. This clock, recently found because it is extremely rare, has not been cleaned and restored although the case is very nice. The original paper dial is signed. The brass rings are oxidized and need to be polished. The movement is running. Ly-Welch #444. $300-$500.


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71.           $650

“H. J. Davies, New York, Patented Oct. 10, 1876, 6 ½”, signed on the back of the movement in this extremely rare single post crystal palace. The dial ring is signed, “Pat. Mar 01, 70”, the two-barrel pendulum is signed, “Davies Pat’d”, and there is a selling dealers 1865 label on the back. The walnut case is outstanding, clean and polished to perfection and all original. The clock is only 16 inches high without the original glass dome, 16 ½ inches with the dome in place. The movement runs 8-days perfectly, striking a nickel bell each hour. The pendulum, dome, nickel bell, all the case parts and the movement parts, are original and have had no replaced parts or repairs made to anything. The dial paper on the old zinc dial pan, and the hands, are original. Reference: Ly-Ansonia, pages 98-101. $750-$1000.

Without dome




72.           $975

H. J. Davies, New York, glass enclosed extremely rare crystal palace, ca 1870. I have never seen this model before and cannot find record of a sale of this model at any auction. The walnut case is 17 inches high and 12 inches wide without the dome in place. The special pendulum is signed, “Davies Pat’d”. The pendulum enclosure is glass enclosed on four sides. The front glass is hinged with a latch. The pendulum, nickel bell, dial, hands, and the movement are all original to this case. There have been no repairs or replacements to the wood case and it is clean and polished. The glass dome fits in the circular wood enclosure as was intended. An old label on the back reads, “Father bought this clock at auction at Balto (Baltimore) Md. in 1873. It has never been repaired. Sarah S-oc--, 1947”. $1000-$1500.

Without dome


jan19_all_2003003.jpg jan19_all_2003002.jpg

73.           $2400

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn., Thirty Day, Titiens”, ca 1877. This is another extremely rare mantel clock that I have never sold or personally seen in any collection except the one we are selling here. The porcelain dial is signed in script, “Welch, Spring & Co. Forestville, Conn.”. A pretty good black and gold label on the back states the same makers and model information as shown above. The polished rosewood case is 23 inches tall with finials on the top and sides of the case, all are original and very nice. There is glass on the sides with gold trim on the edges. The nickel-plated time only 30-day movement is the product of B. B. Lewis who also invented the Patti movement and the perpetual calendar movement used by Welch, Spring & Co. in their calendar clocks. Ly-Welch, Second Edition, page 476. $2500-$3000.



74.           $1250

“E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co. Forestville, Conn.”, No. 8 Iron with Baby Patti 8-day movement, ca 1889. The black enameled metal case has marbleized sides and stands 7 ½ inches high and is 7 ½ inches wide. It has a porcelain dial and a fine solid steel cut pinion noiseless Baby Patti movement. The porcelain dial, hands, flat beveled glass, back metal cover with label, and the pendulum are all original to the case. The Patti movement is running and striking an iron bell. The marbleized sides were signed inside the case by the artist, “F. G. Burrows”. Ly-Welch, Second Edition, page348. $1250-$1500.


All of these near perfect Welch/Patti movement clocks we are offering are pictured in the book, “E. N. Welch –Tribute to the Opera-- 1868 – 1893”. Welch enthusiasts worldwide have acquired one of the thousands of books printed and now the supply is about exhausted, in fact about half a dozen are left. If you are interested in buying a copy for $45, contact us quickly. The first 6 people that order will exhaust the supply.