Clocks 237-246

237.           $500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 2”, ca 1928. Near perfect 36 ½ inch high quarter oak case, clean, polished, ready to hang and enjoy. All wood case parts and internal parts appear to be original to each other. The original painted metal dial is only slightly soiled/aged, the slightest hint that the paint may be fragile, but that is normal for ST dials for they usually have lost a lot of paint by this time. It is signed in two places, and has three correct hands. Signed 8-day movements is running, pendulum, pendulum stick, brass weight, and beat scale, are all correct. There is an excellent label on the base. For whatever reason a thin layer of wood on the back of the clock was scraped off. No damage to the case or the look when hanging. America’s most collected clock. There must be one in every home. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 277. $650-$1000.


238.           $200

French crystal regulator, signed, “Samuel Marti”, ca 1900. The clock was a special order by “Tiffany & Co.” and so signed on the movement. The attractive porcelain dial is signed, “France”. The brass case is 13 inches tall, has five columns on each side, four beveled glasses, two hinged doors with door knobs, and many cast and applied figures. The dial, hands, and two jar mercury pendulum are all original to the clock. The eight-day movement is running and striking a hanging Cathedral gong. $250-$400.

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239.           $100

French porcelain clock made by, “S. Marti”, ca 1889. The dial is signed, “Julius C. Walk & Son / Indianapolis”. The porcelain dial has one hairline at 10 o’clock. The case is 9 ¾ inches tall, decorated with small flowers and a water scene on the base. The hinged sash is holding a beveled glass. Covering the movement opening on the back is a hinged brass door with cloth covering the inside. The round French eight-day movement is running and striking half hours and hours on a Cathedral gong. $150-$300.



240.           $100

French Art Nouveau 3-piece clock set made by “L P Japy & Cie”, ca 1879. The clock with the lady statue stands 15 inches tall while the 2 side pieces stand 11 inches high. It has the typical French round 8-day movement that strikes a brass bell attached to the movement. The metal clock and statue are attached to a marble base. There are cast metal feet supporting it all. It has a beveled glass over the very nice porcelain dial and French hands. On the back is a hinged cover over the movement opening. $150-$300.


241.           $300  

Ansonia Clock Company porcelain clock, “La Manche”, ca 1904. Ansonia imported their line of porcelain clocks from a factory in Bonn, Germany. They had their name, in most cases a clock name, and an insignia for “Royal Bonn” imprinted on the back of the clock cases. We tend to call all Ansonia porcelain clocks, “Royal Bonn” clocks. This clock is one of the larger cases standing 14 inches wide and tall. It is very colorfully decorated with flowers and gold striping accents. The two-piece porcelain dial is signed two places, is excellent, and has an open escapement mechanism as well as original Ansonia hands, bezel, and beveled glass. The 8-day movement is running and striking half hours on a gong. One of Ansonia’s more attractive Royal Bonn clocks. Ly-Ansonia, page 615. $400-$600.


242.           $150

Chelsea Clock Co. “Round Auto Clock”, confused many times as marine models, bought by a Chinese company and installed in a museum quality carved case. The wood case is 18 inches long and 11 inches tall. The carvings are very intricate, and have various sea and land creatures depicted. The 8-day time only movement is running, has three original hands, seconds dial, and is signed, “G.A. Efron / Shanghai”. The front bezel screws on and off. The backplate of the movement is signed, “Chelsea Clock Co. / 116784”. A very unusual clock. $250-$500.


243.           $25

English porcelain clock, 9-inch case in good condition. The movement indicates patents were applied for in England and the USA. Beveled glass in the brass sash, porcelain dial with hairlines between winding arbors, original hands, brass hinged door over the back opening. The 8-day movement is running and striking a nickel bell. $25-$50.


244.           $100

French swinging doll mantel clock, ca 1850. Movement is signed but I cannot make out all the letters. The 8-day time only movement appears to run but could need oil or service before long. Porcelain dial is pretty good, has tiny chips around the winding arbor and hands are correct. The onyx case is 14 inches tall, adorned with all types of cast ornaments, chains, columns, finials, etc. An unusual clock to say the least. $100-$200.



245.           $100

French porcelain clock on a long chain. The porcelain case body is very ornate and colorfully decorated. The clock case is 14 inches tall, that does not include the long chain. Note the case figures on the case side and top. The dial, hands, case parts, chain, back hinged door, are all original to the clock. The movement is a cylinder, time only, and running. $100-$250.


246.           $100

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. miniature “shop clock” or “store regulator” with Coca Cola advertising on the dial and the glass. Probably ca1930’s the 20-inch oak case is like new, clean and polished. It is all original inside and out, has a door latch, coil gong, fancy pendulum but missing a tiny button on the bottom. Excellent advertising paper dial, correct hands and a signed 8-day time and striking movement that is running. $150-$250.

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