Clocks 335-344

335.           $50

“PH&S”, Germany, miniature steeple clock, ca 1895. The company is “Philipp Haas & Soehne” in the Black Forest. The walnut/mahogany ? case is 15 inches tall and in good original condition. The full door glass is original as is the dial and perhaps the hands. The label is sparse but enough there to verify the maker. The 30-hour movement is time only and running. $50-$100.


336.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with octagon top and round base, ca 1865. The movement and label show the Thomaston, Conn. address. The 9-inch rosewood veneered case is excellent, has original glasses, door latch, hands, and dial. The dial is signed and has a few chips but I sure would not repaint it. Inside also is a near perfect label and a 30-hour time only movement which is their A-type movement. Ly-Seth Thomas #620. $100-$200.


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337.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut”, 9-inch miniature cottage clock, ca 1860. This may be the most perfect one I have photographed yet. The rosewood case, glasses, dial and label, are all like new. In fact the mirror possibly is new and the dial repainted. Both the 30-hour time only movement and the label show the address of Plymouth Hollow. This clock has their R-type movement. Ly-Seth Thomas #620. $100-$200.


338.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with a round top and round base, ca 1880. The 9-inch rosewood veneered case is near perfect, and is clean and polished. The gilt bezel has been regilted, the dial has been repainted, but otherwise it is like it came from the factory. The door latch, hands, pendulum bob, and excellent paper label are all original to the case. The 30-hour time only movement is their T-type, and it is running. The label and the movement are showing the Thomaston address. Ly-Seth Thomas #656 for the case, and #693 for the movement. $100-$200.


339.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, same case as #338 except this one has a wood bezel. The 9-inch rosewood veneered case is a little darker than most in this collection, not as bright and clean looking. The bezel is almost dark, I thought at first it was painted, but no, it is original rosewood veneer. The door latch, glass, label, iron bell, hands, and original dial, are all original to the case. The dial does not need to be repainted, just showing its 125-year age a little. The label shows a Thomaston address while the movement is signed Plymouth. The 30-hour K-type time and striking movement is running and striking hourly on the iron bell. There is a separate alarm movement and it sounds off on the same iron bell. Ly-Seth Thomas #663. $100-$200.


340.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, cottage clock “Tudor No. 3”, ca 1879. This rosewood veneered case is 12 ¼ inches tall, and is in excellent condition. The case is near perfect. The latch and glass are original. On the back of the door is a complete black label. The metal dial was repainted, has ST hands, coil gong, and brass pendulum bob. The 8-day movement is running and strikes half hours on the coil gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 222. $100-$200.


341.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, cottage clock, Tudor No. 3”, ca 1879. This clock is identical to #340 except it has spade hands and the case is mahogany. Like #340 it is clean as a pin, has a perfect label, repainted dial, and the same movement and coil gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 222. $100-$200.


342.           $50

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1878. They made this model in several sizes and styles. This rosewood veneered case is 13 ¾ inches tall, with full columns extending all around the front. Originally had gilt capitals and bases, now darkened. Glasses are original, typical Welch door latch, coil spring, good label, paper dial on old dial pan, and their 30-hour movement that strikes the coil gong on the hours. Ly-Welch, page169. $75-$150.


343.           $50

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1878. Note this clock is like #342, well almost. It is only 13 ¼ inches tall and the base is different, otherwise the clocks are identical. The glasses are original, good gold gilt on the columns, old paper dial but probably not original, coil gong, good label, and the same 39-hour time and strike movement that is running. Ly-Welch, page 169. $75-$150.


344.           $50

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Welch’s Round Top, No. 2”, ca 1869. The rosewood veneered case is almost 9 ¾ inches tall, excellent case and finish, brass bezel, original paper dial ring, and old hands. Note the alarm ring is sitting cockeyed in the dial, there are screws loose holding the movement in place. I don’t have time to tend to those minor details. There is a complete label on the back, and iron bell for the alarm to sound on, and a big surprise, an 8-day time only movement. This is a rare little clock. Ly-Welch, #397. $75-$150.

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