Clocks 355-364

355.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with a flat top and slanted base. It is the model with a wide waist, 6 inches. The 9-inch rosewood veneered case is very clean and polished, has original glasses, door knob, complete label, repainted dial, and ST hands. The movement is their D-type, thirty-hour time only, and it is running. The label and movement are signed Thomaston. Ly-Seth Thomas #634 and 637. $100-$200.


356.           $75

“Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn.”, mantel clock called, “Column Spring”, ca 1867. The rosewood veneered case is 16 inches tall, has original glasses, door latch, complete paper label inside, coil gong, pendulum bob, repainted dial and replaced hands. The movement is 8-day time and hourly strike, and is running. Ly-Waterbury #1440.  $100-$200.

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357.           $200

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, a City Series parlor clock, “Albert”, ca 1886. This is the most perfect of the 350 clocks that came from a Colorado collector. It looks new inside and out. OK, he may have had the dial repainted, maybe, I am not sure after examining the other parts of the clock. The rosewood case is 16 ½ inches high, original glasses, perfect label, signed gong, iron bell for alarm to ring on, and the 8-day time and strike movement that is running. I hope no one bids. Ly-Seth Thomas #504. $250-$400.



358.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with a peak top, ca 1868. This rosewood veneer case is also 9-inches tall like most of the cottage clocks, they called this model, “Cabinet No. 2” with a Q-type movement. It has a brass bezel, repainted dial ring, good label on the back, and correct pendulum. You access the pendulum from underneath. This movement runs 30-hours and rings the alarm on an iron bell. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 229. $100-$200.


359.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock with octagon top and round base, ca 1870. The rosewood veneered case is excellent, original glasses with octagon shaped veneer around the upper glass. It has the correct door latch, iron bell, good label, repainted dial, correct hands and pendulum. The movement is their E-type, 30-hour time and alarm, and it is running. The movement is signed Plymouth. Ly-Seth Thomas #633 and #639. $100-$200.


360.           $50

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1868. The rosewood veneered case is 13 inches tall, has the typical Welch door latch which is very unhandy, original glasses, painted columns, not gilt but more ivory shade, and complete label inside. The paper dial and the hands are replacements, pendulum bob is correct. And it has a 30-hour time and alarm movement. The alarm sounds on an iron bell. It is running. $75-$150.


361.           $40

Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1868. Note the base is a little different than #360 and is about ¼ inch taller. The glasses are original, columns were gold gilt probably originally, now dirty and mottled. The door latch, dial, and pendulum are correct. The movement is 30-hour, time only, and running. The label is spotty, not absolutely sure “Spring & Co, Forestville, Conn.” are on the label. Case and dial not nearly as nice as #361. Also, the case is thicker than #360. Perhaps it is just a Welch, not Welch, Spring. $50-$100.


362.           $75

“Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co.”, mantel clock, “Star Round Top”, ca 1875. There are at least 3 variations of this model. The rosewood veneered case is 16 ¾ inches tall, glasses may be replacements, door latch, coil gong, pendulum bob, and original metal dial now showing normal but light wear. This case and dial were not restored as most all of the clocks in this collection were. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours on the coil gong. Ly-Gilbert Clocks Supplement #1801. $100-$200.


363.           $75

“Ansonia Brass and Copper Company, Ansonia, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Roman Round Top”, ca 1874. The rosewood veneered case is 18 inches tall, dark but clean and polished, has original glasses, door latch, excellent label, coil gong, bras pendulum bob, and original painted dial that is clean and only slightly worn. The 8-day time and striking movement is running. Ly-Ansonia #1731. $100-$200.


364.           $75

“E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock, “Venetian No. 2”, ca 1875. The 18-inch-high case is covered with either mahogany or rosewood veneer, cannot decide. The bottom glass was either rebacked or replaced, again cannot decide. Inside is a good complete label, replaced paper dial, coil gong, pendulum bob, and brass bezel. The movement is an 8-day time and strike, and running. Ly-Ingraham #829. $100-$200.

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