Clocks 375-384

375.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, 9-inch cottage clock with round top and round base, ca 1886. The good label is signed Thomaston and the movement is signed Plymouth. This clock has their J-type 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. The rosewood case is very very nice as are all of them, has a repainted metal dial, ST hands, iron bell, very good label, and a brass pendulum bob. Ly-Seth Thomas page 225. $100-$200.


376.           $50

“Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with octagon top and beveled base, ca 1875. I believe the 10 ¼ inch case is mahogany, or rosewood, and it is clean and has no damage or repairs. The door latch, glasses, complete label, brass pendulum, and repainted dial are all original stock. The one-day time only movement is running. $50-$100.

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377.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Connecticut”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock with a peak top and beveled base. The rosewood veneered case is super nice, has a brass bezel, ST hands, replaced paper dial, and a complete label on the back. The pendulum is accessed thru an opening in the case thru the bottom. This case has their L-type 30-hour time only movement, and it is running. $100-$200.


378.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case, “Monterey”, ca 1904. This one is very rare, only the second I have seen. The character on the corners may be Sampson holding up the columns. Iron case is 17 ¼” long and 9 ½” high, finished in black with Barbedienne Bronze cherub ornaments.  They depict the harvesting of grapes on the left side and drinking the fruits of their labor on the right side. The finish on the case and ornaments is near perfect. It appears the clock has been restored inside and outside and is certainly ready to sit on your mantel and enjoy. Brass sash with beveled glass, one-piece porcelain dial is perfect, clean and has no hairlines and has the original hands. Original back metal door and pendulum. 8-day movement is signed, running and striking hours and half hours on a gong. A very nice, and unusual clock. Ly-Ansonia #1057 $200-$300.


379.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case, “Pompeii”, ca 1904. A popular and unusual case style, what with the gooney birds on the ends, and the three castings of unhappy women’s images, on the base. The black enamel case is very nice, has some ragged edges that were left as is, no attempt to cover up the spots, and has some gold-filled incised designs around the front, and is 15” wide, and about 11” high. All the metal is original, I would suspect that someone did us a favor and regilted the ornaments, leaving them all alike, and very nice looking. The sash and rings are brass, heavy beveled glass in the sash. The signed two-piece porcelain dial has some spider webs and small chips around two arbors. The hands are correct and original. A correct metal back cover is in place, pendulum and key inside. The movement is 8-day, signed, running, and striking a Cathedral gong on the hours and half hours. The bird on top was there when the clock came to us, no doubt not a factory addition. A very nice clock. Ly-Ansonia #968. $500-$750.


380.           $450

Bronze French Cartel clock, ca 1895. The 8-day, time only movement, is signed, “Marti et Cie”, and “L.F.”, and “324” is signed on the movement, the pendulum and other parts of the bronze case. The cast bronze case is 18 inches high and in excellent condition. The bronze is clean and bright. Bowed and beveled glass in the machined bronze sash, bowed porcelain dial is signed, “Bagues & Fils / Fab ts de Bronzes / Paris”. Painted numerals for hours, pair of delicate and expertly pierce French gold hands. The original balance is running. I thought at first this was a common cartel but after going thru it I was wrong. It is an expensive French bronze clock with an 8-day spring driven movement that is running. A definite clock you will want to keep. $550-$750.



381.           $150

Seth Thomas & Sons, mantel clock with Art Nouveau finish, ca 1872. They made this clock for over 30 years with very slight variations, usually in the tree trunk or the clock base. Seth Thomas named it, “No. 8002 / Rebecca At The Well”. I may have seen only a half dozen of this model over 50 years and have never seen one with the top tree branch intact. It stuck straight up and always got broken off, same with this one. The one-piece porcelain dial is signed, “Mitchell Vance & Co. / N.Y.”. The case is 16 inches high and 15 inches wide. There is a metal cover over the back-movement opening, round 8-day movement that is running and striking a nickel bell. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 1046. $200-$350.



382.           $75    

Seth Thomas Clock Co. one of six clocks in their College Series, the “New York”, ca 1900. Oak case is clean, complete and original. It stands 23 ½” high, has a good glass that came with the clock, a correct gong base and wire bell, correct brass pendulum hanger and pendulum, a polished brass dial rings. The hands are correct and most of a paper label remains inside but it is worn and difficult to read. The 8-day movement is clean, signed by Seth Thomas, it has been serviced so is running briskly. It strikes the gong on half hours and hours. The two-piece dial is original and both parts are signed. A very nice clean clock. Ly-Seth Thomas #2263. $100-$200.


383.           $75

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. walnut parlor clock, “Shark”, ca 1891. An eye-catching case and one in a series of clocks they named for fish. It has some applied pieces, and sections with grooved designs. A very nice finish on the 22” high case and it has an original Gilbert glass. It has a very nice pendulum with leaves and slow-fast adjuster, also signed by the Wm L. Gilbert Clock Co. Original dial paper, hands are the type it should have, but there is complete label on the backboard. The entire case and the finish, is original. The dial rings, gong and gong base, and the alarm set ring, are all nickel plated. The movement is 8-day, signed, running, and striking the Cathedral gong, and the alarm rings on the nickel gong base. Ly-Gilbert #1210. $100-$200.


384.           $75

“Howard Miller, Model 625-284 wall clock with dual chime. Wood case is 33 inches tall, clean and in good overall condition. This model is not showing in their new clock inventory at this time. I paid $150 for it several years ago. It runs perfectly with 2 C batteries. $75-$150.


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