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373.           $75

“Seth Thomas” 9-inch tall cottage clock ST called, “Cabinet No. 2-J”. It is the same height as all the small cottage clocks but they have differing case styles and movements. This very nice rosewood veneered case has their J-type movement which is 30-hour time and strike. It has a brass bezel, repainted white dial pan, ST hands, and replaced paper dial. You access the pendulum thru an opening underneath the case. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 229. $100-$200.



374.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, 9-inch cottage clock with octagon top and round base, ca 1880. The rosewood veneered case is immaculate, clean and polished just like all the clocks in this large collection. It has a brass bezel, repainted dial, correct hands, gold leaf around the mirror in the door, original door knob, brass pendulum bob, brass bell and perfect label. The movement is one day, signed Thomaston, time and alarm, and of course is running. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 216-217. $100-$200.


375.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, 9-inch cottage clock with round top and round base, ca 1886. The good label is signed Thomaston and the movement is signed Plymouth. This clock has their J-type 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. The rosewood case is very very nice as are all of them, has a repainted metal dial, ST hands, iron bell, very good label, and a brass pendulum bob. Ly-Seth Thomas page 225. $100-$200.


376.           $50

“Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with octagon top and beveled base, ca 1875. I believe the 10 ¼ inch case is mahogany, or rosewood, and it is clean and has no damage or repairs. The door latch, glasses, complete label, brass pendulum, and repainted dial are all original stock. The one-day time only movement is running. $50-$100.


377.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Connecticut”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock with a peak top and beveled base. The rosewood veneered case is super nice, has a brass bezel, ST hands, replaced paper dial, and a complete label on the back. The pendulum is accessed thru an opening in the case thru the bottom. This case has their L-type 30-hour time only movement, and it is running. $100-$200.


483.           $25

Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn., miniature cottage clock, ca 1865. This mahogany veneered case is 9 ¼ inches tall, door latch on the side, has beveled door edges, and original glasses. The dial now covered with new paper, hands replaced, complete paper on the inside backboard, has a brass pendulum bob and old key. The 30-hour time only movement is running. $50-$100.


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496.           $25

“The E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, “Rose Gilt”, ca 1869. The rosewood veneered case is only 9 ¼ inches tall, has been cleaned, polished, and the gilt around the glasses restored also. I believe the tablet is a replacement, door latch intact, good label inside, original painted dial is still very good to be almost 150 years old. The one-day movement is running, has an alarm that rings on an iron bell. Ly-Welch #393. $50-$100.


704.           $25

“Waterbury Clock Company, Waterbury, Connecticut”, cottage clock in a rosewood case standing 10 inches tall with original gold around the door. Ly-Waterbury does not show a flat top cottage under 11 inches tall. The case is super nice, good glasses, original metal dial, replaced hands, iron bell, old pendulum and key, and an S. B. Terry 30-hour time only movement, and an alarm movement in the bottom of the case. For the movement see the NAWCC Bulletin, Dec.’95, #299, P.741. $50-$100.



705.           $25

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., Ansonia, Conn.”, mahogany cottage clock, ca 1869-1877. The “Rose & Gilt” case is 9 ½ inches high, clean and polished, a dent or two, but no veneer problems. Gold around the door is original and it sure is brighter than redone modern gold. Glasses and door latch are also original. The paint is still very good on the original metal dial, hands are replaced, good old pendulum and key, and as usual, a super nice label. The case has a 30-hour time only movement, and it is running. Ly-Ansonia #1698. $50-$100.



706.           $25

“Terry Clock Co. movement in this case is a 30-hour, time and alarm. It alarms on an iron bell. Typical of small Terry movements it has a stationary pendulum, and it is running robustly. The rosewood veneered case is 9 3/8 inches tall, and like many we have photographed so far, has a gilt door. The gilt has been redone. The veneer around the base is all there but some is slightly warped. There are two original glasses, original painted metal dial, replaced hands, iron bell and key. The collector of these   clocks was very particular about the clocks he owned. He had a note in this case that it was possibly a marriage, Terry movement in an Ansonia case. Don’t forget during the 1850-1870 period The Terry’s were part owners of Ansonia. I don’t think it is a marriage. $50-$100.