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767.           175

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Lever No. 18”, ca 1939. The case is molded Bakelite in dull black and hinged type moisture and dust proof bezel. Black flange is pierced for screws to attach to wall. The 8-inch silver-plated dial is etched and filled in black. The 11 jeweled lever movement has sweep second hand. Diameter of the case back is 10 5/8 inches. It has an 8-day movement that is running.  Bezel is held with a screw, entire case is black. The silver dial is signed, “Seth Thomas / Made In U.S.A.”. Ly-Seth Thomas #2658. $200-$350.


768.           $250

Chelsea Clock Co. ships clock, 8-day, house strike, case and movement have matching serial numbers. The dial is signed “Ball Watch Co. / Cleveland”. The bezel and case have been repaired – bezel is loose, not attached. Should be an easy fix for a repair person. The case is 6 1/8 in the front and 6 3/8 across the back. The serial number is, “100154” which dates the clock around 1912. The movement is running and striking. $300-$500.



769.           $75

Waterbury Clock Co. ships clock, “Motor Boat No. 2”, ca 1929. The brass case has a rim wind top, spokes, beveled glass over a silver dial signed, “Waterbury / 8-day Jeweled”. It is only 3 ¾ inches across the back, and 5 inches over the spokes. The movement is running. Ly-Waterbury #2058. $100-$200.



770.           $100

Chelsea Clock Co. ships clock, serial #518146 which dates it just after World War 2. It has an 8-day time only movement that is running. The dial is signed, “Chelsea Clock Co. Boston”. It is 4 5/8 inches across the spokes and 3 ¾ inches across the back. It is clean, polished, like new. $150-$300.


782.           $225

Seth Thomas Clock Co. ships bell clock, “Celtic”, ca 1921. In a metal case with bronze finish, standing 9-inches high and is 11 inches wide. It has a six-inch silvered convex dial with raised bronze numerals and cut serpentine hands. It has a signed 8-day lever movement striking hours and half hours on a Cathedral gong. The case is clean and polished, movement is operating properly. Ly-Seth Thomas #2604. $300-$500.


794.           $75

“Schatz / Royal Mariner / Made In West Germany”, signed on the painted dial of this German ships bell clock. Excellent brass case has a hinged and screw down bezel and is made to mount on the wall. The case is 7 inches wide on the base and 4 inches tall. Beveled glass in the sash. The 8-day movement is running and striking ships bells. An on off switch for the bells in on the dial and on the back of the case. Accompanying the clock is a “Schatz Compensated Precision Barometer”. The size of the case is identical to the clock and so is the configuration, i.e. bezel, etc. $100-$200.



795.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Ships Lever No. 6”, ca 1915. 8-day lever movement in a black bakelite case, wardroom or deck ship’s timepiece, and it is running. The cream-colored    dial is signed, “Seth Thomas / Made in USA”. The dial is in extremely nice condition, has correct ST hands and seconds hand. The case is 7 ¾ inches wide and 3 1/8  inches high, hinged on the left, knob on the right side to screw down the top. Ly-Seth Thomas #2673 is very similar. $200-$300.


796.           $150

Seth Thomas Clock Co. Ships “Engine Lever”, ca 1928. The brass case is 7”, polished and cleaned recently, flanged top and base, hinged bezel, and good glass. Silvered dial is 6”, and signed, “Seth Thomas / Made In U.S.A.”.  The dial is only slightly worn, good strong black paint on the dial. Three original hands, double 8-day movement with ships bells, lever movement is running. $150-$300.



798.           $100

Waterbury Clock Co. Ships Bell, ca 1914. I cannot find this identical clock in the Ly-Waterbury ships clock section, but our clock is almost identical. The polished brass case has a 6-inch flange on the bottom, 5 ½ inch on the top. The bezel is hinged and holds a flat glass. Dial is 4 inches, painted with black paint, and is signed, “Manufactured By Waterbury Clock Co. U.S.A.”. The movement is time and ships strike and it is running. Ly-Waterbury #2090. $300-$500.

novelty004002.jpg novelty004001.jpg

208.           $500

Samuel Estell, inventor of the “Estell Program Regulator Clock”, ca 1870. Our research has found a handful of his program clocks but always in very small cases, under 20 inches tall. Most were produced by the “US Clock and Brass Co.”. Our clock has a signed Chauncey Jerome 8-day movement. Jerome was connected to the US Clock and Brass Co. at some time, so was probably connected to Samuel Estell. See articles in the NAWCC Bulletins for more information. Nowhere have I found that they made a clock of this size (31 inches high) or of this type. All I found were small shelf clocks. The labels on the back of this clock indicate it was made by, “Jerome & Company”, for use in schools. It can be programed to ring bells at set to strike at any time, every five or ten minutes, or half hour as may be required.  The running movement strikes on a bell each hour. We could find no prior sales of this large school clock but the small shelf clocks were selling from $500 up.  $750-$1000.

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