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Music players
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Music Players

133.           $200

“Thomas Edison Gem, Cylinder Phonograph & Horn”, ca early 1900’s. It is complete with a “Witches Hat” horn that is 14 inches, the standard size horn for this model machine. This unit is nice because the top is in very nice condition. The serial number of this machine is, “229502”. $200-$300. 

121.           $225

“Edison Home Phonograph” ca 1898 or into early 1900’s. There are many rare and valuable models of the Edison phonographs but it will be up to you to decide the value of this model. The serial No. 259430 shows on the makers label with tons of other info. Millions of Edison phonographs were sold but the public soon discovered that the flat discs made by Victor and Columbia had better sound. Cylinder phonographs peaked about 1903 and then the disc machines began to outsell the Edison machines. The black and brass horn is very nice but I am not willing to say it is original to this phonograph. I found these early Edison phonographs were selling or trying to be sold on EBay anywhere from $500 to over $3000. $250-$500.

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134.           $150

 Edison “Amberola”, Model 30 cylinder phonograph, ca 1915. It is in very good condition, the medium oak case has not been abused and in fact is so nice it looks new, and should not need any attention other than dusting. It comes with the original crank, the motor is running but I did not try to make it play a cylinder. These model 30 machines are all over EBay with Buy it Now and starting bids in the $400-$800 range, none as nice as this one. $20-$350.



465.           $50

“Mr. Christmas”, electric record player, plays Christmas music on 10 different discs. Inside the glass enclosed mahogany case several couples dance away to the music. It is what it is; very nice, nearly new, drawer pulls out to load discs, on off and electric plug in are on the back. $50-$100.



466.           $10

“Jingle Bell Rock Santa”. Santa rocks and rolls to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock. No batteries but electric wired. Santa is about 16 inches tall and sure can move his hips. Works perfectly.



902.           $125

“The Melodia”, by the Mechanical Organette Co., New York. This was one of the organettes produced by John McTammony and sold under a multitude of different names and styles, all using the 14-note paper 7 ¾ inches wide. As in the “Harmonia” model you turn the crank which rolls the paper from one spool to the other. You need to read the “Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments”, by David Bowers, to gain a complete understanding of the rare old roller organs. This is another fine walnut box with gold designs on all sides. Not considering the handle this box is 13 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 7 ¼ inches high. There are no paper rolls with this box. I have sold only one of this model in years past, it went for $255. $150-$300.