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900.           $200

Stick Barometer, “Torre & Co. / London”, engraved on the brass dial plate. Also engraved on the dial plate are, Dry Day to Stormy, Blood Head to Freezing, and 130 degrees down to zero. I am not absolutely sure about the name “Torre”, it might be “Forre”. There is a hinged door with glass that covers the dial and latches on the left side. The glass tubes with mercury are intact and as far as I know functioning. $250-$500.



901.           $50

Glass dome on wood base. The glass at the base is 8 ½ by 5 inches and stands 14 inches high, not including the wood base. $100-$300.

parts003012.jpg parts003011.jpg

903.           $35

French sign advertising a Bistro/restaurant, and it has a clock/dial on the top that apparently was advertising a clock shop. I suspect it originally had a clock movement and hands, but now has a battery movement and the hands are missing. It is a heavy iron sign 31 inches wide and 19 inches high. There is an original hanger on the back. Dirty, yes; iron corroded, yes; restorable, yes. Old, definitely; a date on the clock dial of 1893.


904.           $25

Thermometer, wall hanging, or desk ornament. It is 6 inches in diameter, glass top in a metal case, good clean dial, original hand, and it is working. It is advertising for, “The Liberty Lumber Company / Liberty, New York”. Phone number is 3-9-0. It has to be very old. $25-$50.

905.           $25

Thermometer, wall hanging or desk, 6 inches in diameter, glass top in a metal case. Dial is all there, apparently some water got inside that colored the dial some. Original needle and the Fahrenheit thermometer is working. Advertising for, “The C. H. Jones Equipment Co. / Salt Lake City, Utah”. $25-$50.



906.           $15

Desk Thermometer, working, 3 ½ inches tall, good clean dial and hand, a metal case. Advertising for, “Combustion Engineering Corporation”. Dated 1921 on base. $15-$30.



907.           $25

Weather Forecaster. Irving Krick was Eisenhower’s chief meteorologist in WW2. After the war he established a business that bought war surplus aircraft aluminum and used the aluminum to produce a series of weather forecasters for different areas of the US. The units date from 1949 and cost $12.50 when new. This is a novelty item that is more accurate than the Farmer’s Almanac. I sold one a few years ago for over $100. It comes with pages of printed instructions. There are also instructions on the back of the Weather Guide. $50-$100.



908.           $15

German Wag wall clock, ca mid 1800’s. Brass movement wheels, wood plates, brass bell on top. Wood dial is 8 ¼ by 6 inches, original hands, brass pendulum and 12-inch rod, and paid of cuckoo weights. Consignor reported movement was running and striking. I did not test. $25-$50.


909.           $60

Boston Clock Co. tandem wind 8-day movement, beveled glass, special porcelain dial and hands. The movement is running and is signed. Comes with the special brass backplate. $75-$150.


910.           $35

Advertising thermometer, ca 1880’s. Good condition overall but needs a broken cord inside replaced.  Advertising for, “The Powers Duplex Regulator Co. 90 Illinois Street Chicago, ILL.” It is 8 ½ inches tall including the hanger. My sources say it would be worth $150-$200 if cord replaced.


911.           $25

2 German 1000-day clocks for parts. I did not try to run them, consignor said they were just parts. Appear to be complete.


912.           $100

 2 English barometers.

J. J. Lockwood, Preston, England, wheel barometer with two missing functions. There is no back cover but it does have the long mercury tube. The case, glasses over the three remaining functions are good.

Ciceri.Mantica & Torre, Coinburgh, England, wheel barometer, in a beautiful rosewood case 36 inches long, and with only 2 functions, thermometer and barometer. It has a back cover and tubes inside. Should be operational but I have a dozen of my own and none are what I would call operational.


913.           $375

Ingersoll Watches & Clock display case, ca 1890.The walnut and glass case is 17 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 31 inches tall. There are six interior storage drawers in the bottom of the case. Note that all four sides and the top are glass and there is one glass shelf inside. A logo appears on all four sides of the walnut base, “Gold Ingersoll Watches & Clocks”. $500-$1000.