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152.           $50

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. wood mantel clock, “Jet”, ca 1885. They made a series of ebonized cases, the Jet being one. It is 19 inches tall with one of their good original glasses, that I forgot to remove a sticker that shows. The dial is original as is the pendulum, coil gong, and the 8-day time and strike movement that is running and striking the hours. Very little of the label remains on the back, only the word “Jet”. Ly-Gilbert #1109. $75-$150.


155.           $50

Seth Thomas Clock Co. mantel clock, “Metals No. 5”, ca 1900. Many collectors have strived to collect all 6 clocks in the Metals Series. I had them all at one time but moved on to more difficult clocks to collect. They are all made of oak, stand 23 inches tall, have metal ornaments on the top and base, have 6-inch signed paper dials, and wire or bell strike. They have 8-day movements, decorative brass pendulums and in this clock an alarm movement and brass bell in the base of the case. On the back of the case is a partial label. The clock is in good original condition, aged and not cleaned, running and striking a coil gong on the half hours. Ly-Seth Thomas #2288. $75-$150.

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184.           $50

“The E. Ingraham Co., Bristol, Conn.”, on the dial and on the complete label on the back of this mantel clock, ca 1860-1880. The label indicates it was made for someone besides Ingraham to sell. It is not in their catalogs or Ly-Ingraham. The oak case is 19 inches tall, stained and aged to a dark color. A very plain clock in that there are no carvings, etchings, etc. The glasses, dial, pendulum, coil gong, alarm bell, alarm movement, and running movement are original and operating. $75-$150.

185.           $75

Ansonia Clock Company mantel clock, “Japan”, ca 1883. The 19-inch-high wood case, (mahogany?) is completely covered with black paint, inside, outside including the back. There is some brown looking highlight paint on the door trim. The glass, dial, signed beat scale, upscale pendulum, nickel bell and 8-day movement are all original and the clock is running. There is a complete label on the back but is so dark you can hardly read it. Ly-Ansonia #1725. $100-$200.



186.           $25

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantel clock, wood case, one of the clocks in their Capitol Sets, this one #44. Sold in sets of six with varying accessories, but all were in oak. This one is 8-day, time and strike, standard pendulum, coil gong, dial, hands, and signed brass movement. The oak case is 22 inches tall. I love the way Gilbert described these clocks; “most striking, unique and showy carved effects ever made, only possible by our new process of carving”. Where is the carving?  Ly-Gilbert #1230. $50-$100.



187.           $25

E. Ingraham Clock Co., Oak mantel clock, “Dragon”, one of the three clocks in their “Tablet Line”, ca 1907. It has been thoroughly cleaned, replaced dial, but otherwise looks to be original. There is a label on the back but I cannot make out the makers name. I did not pull the dial to check the 8-day movement for a name. The case has black wood ornaments over the front, replaced dial, original glass, pendulum, coil gong, and the time and strike movement. Ly-Ingraham #1071. $50-$100.


188.           $25

E. Ingraham Clock Co. oak mantel clock, “Pacific”, one of the models in their “Ocean” line, ca 1915. Oak case is 23 inches tall, clean and all original. The glass, dial, pendulum, and gong all look to be original to the case. The 8-day movement is time and strike, and running. The dial is signed. Ly-Ingraham #1069. $50-$100


189.           $25

Sessions Clock Company mantel clock, wood case, “Grand No. 3”, ca 1915. This clock is one of three models in their “Grand” line of clocks. They are made with oak, standing 23 inches tall, have 8-day movement with hour and half hour strike on a coil gong. The dial is original but a little dirty, glass is original as is the pendulum and coil gong. The 8-day movement is running and striking. Ly-Sessions #548. $50-$100.


190.           $25

Sessions Clock Company mantel clock, wood case, “Victor No. 41”, ca 1906. Oak case is 23 inches high, has the original painted glass, original dial, pendulum, coil gong, alarm movement, alarm bell, and an 8-day time and striking movement that is running and striking half hours. The case is clean and all original. Ly-Sessions #540. $50-$100.



205.           $150

William L. Gilbert Clock Company, Winsted, Conn. parlor clock, “Harmony”, ca 1881. Geo. B. Owens who was General Manager of the Gilbert factory designed this clock in the 1870’s, selling some himself and others thru the Gilbert company. Clocks up to this period were mostly rosewood and mahogany veneer. Owens introduced the solid walnut cases with oak trim that were the beginnings of “kitchen” clocks. This case is 22 inches tall, has a drawer in the base, ornate side trim, painted glass, and carved attachments all over. It has the special Owens pendulum, nickel bell, and separate alarm movement. The time and alarm movements strike the same nickel bell. The dial, alarm ring, and hands are all original. The 8-day movement is running properly. Ly-Gilbert #1042. $200-$350.