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206.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. a City Series clock, “Newark”, ca 1888, and so stamped on the back of this 22” high walnut case. I have probably had two dozen or more of this model over the years, but I have had none as nice. The walnut case is clean and has a cabinet finish – furniture slick. There are no repairs or new wood, or breaks. The glass is unusual and very nice, almost a complete black label inside, and that is also unusual, they are usually about destroyed. There is an original brass basket weave design pendulum bob, an old key, and a correct pair of hands. The signed dial paper is not original, but it is signed. 8-day brass movement is signed, running, and striking hours and half hours on a Cathedral gong. A keeper, but I would have the dial painted. Ly-Seth Thomas #561. $200-$300.


209.           $150

“American Clock Co. / Depot, No. 3 / New York, N.Y.” iron front shelf clock, , ca 1856. They were sales agents for Connecticut clocks make by several clock companies. They were agents for many clock companies and did not use their own labels until 1856. I can find no information indicating they made clocks. This case is almost 14” high, it has a flat glass in the sash. New paper dial, correct hands, and pendulum bob. Complete paper label inside. Note the painting of the “Gleaners” at the base. The movement is eight-day, time and strike.  $150-$250.



270.           $100

“E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company, Forestville, Conn.”, rare shelf clock, ca 1864. I say rare because this clock is not pictured in any of the Welch books. It appears to be a “Grecian” model made by E. Ingraham, but it is not pictured in the Ingraham books either. It has a complete label on the back, is 14 ½ inches tall like the Ingraham models, but does not have the round designs below the dial like Ingrahams. Our case is oak and rosewood, not sure of the carved sections. The dial has been repainted by the Dial House. The 30-hour movement is running and striking a coil gong. After writing this much I had to pull the dial. It is marked, “E. N. Welch / Forestville, Ct /Pat’s Aug 30, 1870”. $100-$300.


276.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co. parlor clock, “King”, ca 1901. This 24” high oak case is their later model King. There are trivial slight differences, mainly the base configuration. The case is 100% original, has a wonderful clean and polished finish, and all the applied and turned ornaments. There are three metal figures, one on the top and one each on the columns. The old original glass is perfect, and the paper dial is a replacement. It is too nice not to have a nice painted dial. The hands, pendulum bob, and coil gong, are all correct. There is an original paper covering on the backboard, inside. Movement is 8-day, clean, running, and strikes the gong. A very nice-looking clock.  Ly-Ansonia, page 448. $150-$300.


277.           $50

E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville, Conn. wood cased mantel clock, “Dandelion”, ca 1889. There are flowers on the original glass but they don’t look like dandelions. This is a nice walnut case standing 17 ½ inches tall, has one applied ornament but a lot of good jigsaw work and etched designs. The nice dial is a replacement but otherwise the inside of the case is filled with a lot of Welch material. The one-day movement is running and striking a coil gong. The pendulum is one of their special signed pendulums and there is a separate alarm movement and bell in the bottom of the case. Ly-Welch #1149. $75-$150.

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382.           $75    

Seth Thomas Clock Co. one of six clocks in their College Series, the “New York”, ca 1900. Oak case is clean, complete and original. It stands 23 ½” high, has a good glass that came with the clock, a correct gong base and wire bell, correct brass pendulum hanger and pendulum, a polished brass dial rings. The hands are correct and most of a paper label remains inside but it is worn and difficult to read. The 8-day movement is clean, signed by Seth Thomas, it has been serviced so is running briskly. It strikes the gong on half hours and hours. The two-piece dial is original and both parts are signed. A very nice clean clock. Ly-Seth Thomas #2263. $100-$200.

383.           $75

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. walnut parlor clock, “Shark”, ca 1891. An eye-catching case and one in a series of clocks they named for fish. It has some applied pieces, and sections with grooved designs. A very nice finish on the 22” high case and it has an original Gilbert glass. It has a very nice pendulum with leaves and slow-fast adjuster, also signed by the Wm L. Gilbert Clock Co. Original dial paper, hands are the type it should have, but there is complete label on the backboard. The entire case and the finish, is original. The dial rings, gong and gong base, and the alarm set ring, are all nickel plated. The movement is 8-day, signed, running, and striking the Cathedral gong, and the alarm rings on the nickel gong base. Ly-Gilbert #1210. $100-$200.


388.           $50

Seth Thomas Clock Co. mantel clock, “Cabinet Unlisted”, ca 1894. Seth made a series of these clocks he called “Drummers”, A,B,&C. This clock got by without being named Drummer D. All four clocks are very much alike. The case is Old Oak, stands 14 inches tall, and is crusty from the original finish. It has never been cleaned. It appears to be all original and complete including the metal back cover over the movement opening, coil gong, and 8-day time and strike movement that is running. The brass sash has a flat glass, two piece signed paper dial and original hands. Ly-Seth Thomas #1622. $50-$100.

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393.           $60

F. Kroeber, New York, mantel clock, “Warbler”, ca 1888. Plain Jane walnut case, 22 ½ inches high, designs engraved top to bottom and a couple of applied walnut trim pieces. Case is original, complete, clean but not polished. Glass is perfect, dial is old and dark, fancy pendulum is worth more than the minimum. No Kroeber label, only an old selling dealers label on the back. The 8-day movement is running and striking a Cathedral gong. Ly-Kroeber, page 353. $100-$200.



397.           $50

E. Ingraham Clock Co. mantel clock, “Cabinet No. 17”, ca 1896. The oak case is 15 ½ inches high, designs pressed into the wood and some applied ornaments that have also been pressed, not carved. There is a flat glass in the brass sash, white, signed, paper dial, and visible pendulum glass below the dial. There is a label on the back, and an 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours and hours on a Cathedral gong. Ly-Ingraham #444. $50-$100.