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776.           $150

New Haven Clock Co. hanging 30-day clock, “Tampico”, ca 1907. The oak case stands 43 inches high, and is pretty plain clock but does have a few frills on the top and base. I suppose the appeal to this clock is that you only wind it once a month. The movement has been serviced and is running properly. It is all original except for a new paper dial on the old dial pan. This one has a nice second dial, three original hands, original brass bob, wood stick, and fancy beat scale. Ly-New Haven #542. $200-$350.


778.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, “12 Inch Drop Octagon”, ca 1929. Do you notice anything different about this schoolhouse clock? Not only does it have the octagon top but it has an octagon dial. The only one I have ever seen. They took a gallery clock and put a base/drop on it. The oak case is 21 ½ inches tall, clean and all original. It has a good glass, correct hands, pendulum, and an 8-day time only movement that is running. Ly-Seth Thomas #593. $75-$150.

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783.           $40

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. / Ansonia, Conn.”, drop octagon wall clock, ca 1874. It has a good inside label, latching lower door with the original glass, old pendulum, brass bezel but no glass, good painted dial and old hands. The movement runs 8-day and is time only. The nice 25-inch mahogany veneered case still has the carved applied ornaments opposite the lower glass. You can get the round glass at your local glass store. Ly-Ansonia #543. $50-$100.

790.           $100

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, “Camden Line – A”, ca 1907. One of three oak cased clocks in their Camden Line. The oak case is 25 inches high, pressed designs, very medium dark finish, and probably has never been seriously cleaned. Nice pendulum, original glass, good paper dial, and good hands. 8-day movement is running and striking a cathedral gong.   An excellent label on the back. Ly-New Haven #640. $100-$200.



791.           $100

E. Ingraham Clock Co. wall clock, “Amulet”, ca 1886. The oak case is 28 inches tall, has all the original carvings, buttons, and applied ornaments. They made this clock in a shelf and a wall clock. The glass is original as are the internal parts, dial, hands, dial rings, alarm movement, bell and gong, and the fancy pendulum. The shelf model did not have the level and thermometer that this one has. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours and half hours. This wall model is a little fancier than most. In the 1880’s the price of a clock like this cost around $4.50. This one cost $7.00 when new. Ly-New Haven #926. $100-$200.


803.           $50

Waterbury Clock Co. “Crane”, ca 1906. Usually called just a shop clock or store regulator by clock collectors, this one is all original but darkened over the original now crusty finish. Many of you like clocks that are all original no matter how dark or untouched. Well, here it is, complete (except for the top) and 100% original including a complete paper label inside and two on the back. Old dial, hands, pendulum, and pendulum stick. The oak case should be 37” high but is now missing the top. Crowns and bases for store regulators can be ordered from Timesavers. It is 8-day, time only and running. Ly-Waterbury #726. $75-$150.



805.           $100

E. Ingraham & Co. long drop wall clock, “Bristol”, ca 1891. The 31-inch rosewood case is very attractive. The Ingraham catalogs say they made this model in imitation oak. Don’t think so. The wood is dark, but clean and polished. I don’t see any of the usual edge dings or other case issues you might see on a 120-year-old clock case. The paper dial is a replacement, hands are correct, there is a paper label inside, and a super nice brass pendulum bob and stick. The brass is all polished bright including the dial ring and pendulum. The glass with the gold border is old. The movement is 8-day, time only, running enthusiastically. Ly-Ingraham #404. $100-$200.



807.           $50

E. Ingraham Clock Co. calendar wall clock – says the consignor of these clocks. There is no label, the dial is not signed, and was surely repainted. It may have an Ingraham movement in it but I believe the case is foreign. I cannot find this exact style case in any of Tran Duy Ly’s clock books.  E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company’s wood mantel clock, the “Dickens”.  Someone added a base and made it a wall clock. The Dickens is one of Welch’s clocks in “The Authors” series. It is black walnut, clean and nice. The dial was repainted, hands replaced, has good brass rings and gong base, clean as a pin 8-day movement, plus an alarm movement and separate brass bell. The pendulum is one of Welch’s fancy glass ones. Two labels on the back are pretty much gone. Ly-Welch, page 385. $50-$100.

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