HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


1.           $1500

English skeleton clock, an ordinary London made clock with double fusees, scrolled design and fretted dial, ca 1860. It is a striking clock, number of hours each hour, not “passing strike” as they are commonly called, that you see on many English Skeleton clocks. The clock is 15” high including the original wood base. With the original glass shade in place it is 20” high. The 8-day movement is in perfect running condition. All parts of the clock are original, with the possible exception of the winding key, of that we cannot be sure. The paint on the fretted dial is black, and the pair of hands are black. The pendulum can be locked down against the movement with a screw to the back plate. Note the unusual dome, the base of the four feet, the unusual wood base with feet, and the cleanliness of the brass and chains. We could not find a name or mark anywhere on the clock. This clock, or one very nearly like it, is pictured in the book, “Skeleton Clocks”, by F. B. Royer-Collard. $750-$1000.


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