HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


3.           $750

E. O. Stennes, Weymouth, Mass.  banjo clock, ca 1962. The original 8-day time only movement was made by Kilbourne & Proctor for Stennis. They also made movements for Campos and Wayne Cline. The pendulum, weight, dial, and hands, all appear to be original to the case. The weight is old but the type used in the early banjo clocks. Original mahogany case is almost 33 inches high, and it has the one good glass in the bezel but wood in the throat and base door. It has good brass side rails and brass finial on top. The case is clean and polished. The painted metal dial is very nice and it does not have any paint chipping. The bezel has a push button release on the side of the case. The hands are probably original. The brass pendulum has a tie down at the bottom. We believe the clock to be straight and original. $1000-$1500.