HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


4.           $900

Seth Thomas Clock Co. deluxe mantel clock, “Atlas”, ca 1886. The factory code is stamped on the case back. There is also most of a black and gold label inside. This clock is top of the line for Seth Thomas parlor clocks. It has a special three spring, 8-day, heavy movement, signed with the “ST” logo and “Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Ct”. The movement is running, and it strikes two nickel bells on the quarter hours, and the hours on a cathedral gong. Only two other models made by ST used this same movement, the Hecla, and the wall clock, Marcy. The two-piece paper dial is a replacement and has correct ST hands. Beautiful silver stenciled glass in the door, key lock on the side, and packaged in a near perfect 22 ˝” high oak case. Three quarter turned columns on the door and the back edges. The case has been lightly cleaned/polished but not to affect the nice original finish. In addition to the nickel dial rings, other nickel accessories are two nickel bells, cathedral gong base, pendulum hanger, and nickel pendulum bob with damascened circles all over. This model is a rare and superior clock that always attracts collectors. We have not had an Atlas in many auctions but when we have, they brought as much as $2500. In recent years we have sold two or three of its mates, the Hecla, upwards of $3500. I am in great unhappiness when I have to list one this cheap. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 718. Books for $2500.  $1000-$1500.