HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


6.           $750

Seth Thomas Clock Co.  mantel clock, “Column”, ca 1847. This very early and very rare clock was involved in the evolution of Seth Thomas’s shelf and weight shelf clocks during the 1840-1870 period. None of the “experts” that we showed this clock to have ever seen one like it and most figured it was an experimental/transition model between the shelf spring driven models, ca 1840’s, to the weight driven models, ca 1860’s. Reference: Ly-Seth Thomas #1759-A, almost identical to our clock, and #1737, identical look but slightly larger and weight driven. The “experts” tried to buy our clock leading me to think it must be rare and valuable. The label has an address of “One State Street” which dates the clock 1847-1849. The movement is signed, “S Thomas / Plymouth, Conn.”, and the label is marked, “Seth Thomas / Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”. The 19-inch-high case is in very good condition but the mirror may be a replacement. The distance between the movement plates is larger than normal, the lyre shape is slightly different, gearing is not standard, and the factory dial is original with opening to expose the movement. Certainly a very unusual clock, and running. $1000-$2000.


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