HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


9.           $350

Seth Thomas Clock Co.  mantel clock, “Franklin”, ca 1900. I guess you could call it a column and splat type clock. It has some of the features of the 1870’s “Column” models Seth made but they changed it enough to have a personality of its own. If you will check Tran Duy Ly’s Seth Thomas book you will find they made three large weight clocks that are similar, the “Franklin” #1736, “Yorktown” #1720, and “Putnam” #1721. All three were made around 1900, they are 36 inches tall, all are 8-day weight driven clocks, and all have carvings, paw feet, and similar tablets. They were all made with dark mahogany, have identical Cathedral bells, and signed lyre 8-day movements. ST evidently did not make many of those clocks for this is the first Franklin model I have ever sold. I have never sold a Yorktown and only one Putnam. The Putnam model #7 above and this clock both run and are in very nice condition. Check the interior of the Putnam picture for the interior of the Franklin is the same. The Franklin has a door lock but no escutcheon or key. This clock has exceptionally large and heavy weights. Ly-Seth Thomas #1736. $400-$600.