HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


10.           $1000

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Office Calendar No. 3”, better known to clock collectors as the “Peanut”, ca 1863. A few years ago I had three Peanuts hanging in my office but like a fool sold them all. I did not want to, but people kept asking me to sell them one. This model is probably the most prized of all Seth Thomas calendar clocks, and definitely my favorite. This particular Peanut is not perfect, nice enough, but has had some restoration. For whatever reason both top and bottom tips of the case were replaced. I could only guess they were broken and had to be repaired. They look very nice, and most folks would not even notice the repairs if not for the fact that the stain needs to be darkened. In fact, one of the auction houses in the northeast sold this clock a few years ago for over $3000 without mentioning the restoration. This little mahogany veneered case is only 24 inches tall, the veneer is good all over, and has a key lock on the side, without a key. The upper dial has been repainted, the bottom is original. Note the complete paper label on the back of the door. The 8-day movement was only used in this calendar model. The calendar mechanism is by Mix Brothers, and all movements and parts are original. I cannot vouch for the hands, pendulum bob, or key, but they are all of the type ST used. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 92; and Ly-Calendar #600. $1500-$2000.

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