HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


11.           $1000

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “No. 11 Regulator”, ca 1891. You will not have to hide this 50” high, rare cherry wood clock in the garage. It is clean inside and out, polished, and ready to hang and enjoy. In fact, it just came to us from a long time collector who wanted to keep it but smaller living quarters would not accommodate all his clocks. Most clocks you can tell right off, if they hung in a house where there was coal and/or tobacco smoke, this clock does not show those signs. It has the original putty around the door glass and side glasses. There is considerable detailed woodwork on the case and it is all original and complete.  We rarely have large cherry case clocks and they always command high prices, at least in central states. The movement is original to the case and there is no evidence it has even been removed and put back. The weights, pendulum bob, wood stick, three hands, two piece signed dial, and everything is correct and appears to be original. About the time I think I have these big Gilbert regulators figured out, they throw me a ringer. This movement has one spool behind the one winding arbor. It winds both cords at the same time. The cords then unroll on two spools on each side of the bottom of the movement, and then the cords go to the top of the case on each side, then go over wood spools, and descend down the case sides. In the No. 11’s I have had previously both cords went to the top right of the case, one came down; the other went across the case top then descended. See clock #61 in the August 2008 catalog. We have the correct weights; I just failed to include them in the picture. Ly-Gilbert #353. $1250-$1500.