HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


12.           $900

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Hotel”, ca 1888. Seldom do we have this model for sale. I bet we have not had a half dozen in 45 years. You collectors who have been hounding me to find a Hotel for an auction, here is your chance. This one is oak, 15” tall, has fancy embossed/carved panels on the sides and the front has carved emblems in the corners of the door. Even though it is only 15” high it looks much larger. The large front door is the only access to the movement, pendulum, gong, beat scale, dial, hands, and winding arbors. There is a key lock on the side of the case. It has a superior heavy duty 8-day movement and is running and striking a Cathedral bell. The brass bob and wood stick, gong, and beat scale are all correct for this clock. The hands are correct and the paper dial was installed many years ago. This model has traditionally sold upwards of $3000. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 728. $1000-$1500.


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