HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


13.           $350

“Made And Sold At Plymouth, Connecticut / By / E. Terry & Sons”, pillar and scroll clock, ca 1827. The movement is wood, runs 30-hours, and strikes an iron bell hourly. There is an excellent old wood dial, pair of correct period hands, old iron bell, pair of period iron weights, and a brass bob. The 32” mahogany veneered case is excellent with the original scrolls, right scroll has a minor repair, original feet and apron, two old glasses, the bottom glass is a repaint by Tom Moberg, and there is a complete paper label with no paper losses. The door has an ivory escutcheon, working lock, and key and the case has a really nice clean and polished finish. There are three old brass finials, the kind that are in 3 pieces that screw together. I have had many pillar and scroll clocks, usually selling for $2000 and up that were not nearly as nice as this one. If I were still keeping clocks I would definitely keep this one. $400-$600.


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