HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


15.           $1000

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 5”, an excellent modern-day copy of a rarely seen ca 1880 wall weight regulator that sells these days for $10,000 and up. I have an original No. 5 in my collection and in comparing the two clocks, I will say they did a nice job copying the original. I have no complaints with the workmanship and with the two clocks side by side I think you would agree that the clock is very close to the original. The walnut case is 51” high, has a door hook rather than a key lock, painted metal dial with ST signatures, and a wood dial ring. The iron back plate, brass movement, brass pendulum, wood stick, brass weight, beat scale, three glasses, and slide in top ornament are all good copies of the parts found in my original Seth Thomas No. 5 Regulator. My original case has a slick cabinet finish, while this repro has a plain, but nice finish. The movement is 8-day, one weight, time only, and running. This clock came with a large collection of near perfect clocks, but I do not know where he acquired the clock, or who made it. The collectors of Seth Thomas clocks know that the Regulators No. 5, No. 16, and No. 19, all came from the same pattern. The No. 5 is the baby of the lot. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 283. $1500-$2000.