HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


17.           $1000

Southern Calendar Clock Co. St. Louis, Mo., “Fashion No. 4”, ca 1880. Walnut case is 32” high, dark but retains the original finish. It has been restored, in that the dials have been repainted black, paper calendar rolls replaced to black, and the finials are glued in so I cannot evaluate them. The walnut finials are exactly like the originals. The running and calendar movements are operating properly, and inside is the original black and gold label of instructions and the white label telling you not to oil the calendar movement. The brass pendulum and wood stick look like what you would see on a No.4 but it is a little too large. It looks fine, runs as it should, and no one but you will know the difference. You should have a brass pendulum that is 2 5/8 inches in diameter. Large brass bell is clean and bright, has correct hands, and it has nice nickeled dial rings. The etched designs on the dial board retains all of the original gilt, the tablet is excellent, and as usual I was disappointed when I looked in the secret compartment, there was nothing there. Overall a very good example of this model. The previous collector had the clock restored to look like the No.6 black dial models. Like him, if you have always wanted a black dial Fashion but did not want to pay $4000, this is an ideal substitute. I have had it in my office for some time and no one knows the difference. Ly-Calendar, page 286; also in the Ly-Seth Thomas book. $1250-$1500.