HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


18.           $800

Seth Thomas Clock Co., “Parlor Calendar No. 3”, ca 1876. The 8-day upper movement is running and strikes a brass bell each hour. The lower calendar movement is functioning as intended. The dials are not original, better than most ST dials we see as they have been repainted. Walnut case is 27” high, all the rounded bezels are very nice and the case is clean and polished.  On the inside of the door is a full white paper label. It did not photograph well but it is all there and has the date it was put to running, January 1st, 1874. The glasses are good as are the hands, and all other hardware. This clock closely resembles the Southern Calendar Clock Fashion No. 1, cases which Seth Thomas supplied them. The two glasses are good, key lock on the side is complete and working properly. Over the years we have sold very few of this model. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 105.      $800-$1200.


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